Author Topic: Action needed before 2/16 : Stop Genetically Altered/Modified Food  (Read 4144 times)

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Read before 2-16-10 = Genetically Altered/Modified Food
I picked something up at my local health food store that I thought some folks might be interested in.  I have not checked out this info, so please DO NOT take my word for it - but please research it if it's something you're interested in.

According to a paper they were passing out at the store, the U*DA is within days of passing GM alfalfa on to the public.  Also (according to this paper) due to cross pollination, fields within 20 miles of GM foods can be rendered unable to reproduce.  The person writing the paper had concerns for organic meats among other things.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was reported to say that there are not enough consumers interested in organic foods to block approval.  There is a 60 day comment period before it will pass - but it ends February 16th. 

The paper gave an addy to a comment form for those interested:

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Re: Action needed before 2/16 : Stop Genetically Altered/Modified Food
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I also got this notification today through an organic farming cooperative email list. Check it out. I'm going to.

Alfalfa is a mainstay in producing our own soy and GMO free dairy. I was quite indignant to learn that I not only have to be wary of hay heavily treated with pesticides, but now also of GM and subsequent herbicide (glyphosphate)  levels. Thankfully horses are more sensitive to stuff like this which makes it easier for me to source feed stuffs. Hope the whole horse industry is aware!!
Organic hay would be WAY out of budget for us, let alone the cross contamination issue.   >:(