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Cayenne safe while nursing???

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Baby #5 is just 3 weeks old and I'm wondering if it is okay to take cayenne while nursing?  I have had hemorrhoids with the last 3 pregnancies.  I took cayenne at the end of the pregnancy, as I had read it can help with hemorrhoids since it increases circulation.  However, I've been leary of taking it since he was born, I don't want it to upset his stomach.  Though the hemorrhoids didn't bother me much during the pregnancy even though I knew they were enlarged, they have gotten worse and worse since the birth.  Today it is miserable!  I would just go ahead and take it, but I don't think I could stand him screaming for hours if it bothered his tummy.  Anybody had any experience with taking cayenne while nursing?

I didn't take it as a supplement while nursing, but used it in cooking.  It did seem to upset her tummy some.  I just gave her TTU before I nursed her after eating cayenne.


I just read that for hemorrhoids you can do a garlic suppository and take garlic internally also.  As you probably know, babies love the taste of garlic in milk.  Garlic is supposed to be wonderful for colon health.  God Bless!

Maybe you should try just a little in your food, and if it doesn't bother the baby, keep adding a little more at a time until you get to the amount you want to take.

I'm nursing and I eat cayenne whenever I get the chance! I haven't tried a whole capsule of it, although I had some really spicy Thai food the other night and it didn't seem to bother my baby. I always figure that babies born in cultures where they always eat spicy food, like Thailand or India or Ethiopia, or a bunch of others, have to get used to it somehow. They probably taste it in the womb and then in the breastmilk and then they're able to eat it when they wean. So I just eat as much as I can get away with putting in my family's food. A lot of those places have to make their food spicy, just to kill all the bacteria that's been growing on the meat while it hangs out in the sun.

My son is four weeks old and I am breastfeeding him and cayenne does not seem to bother him. Although, we cook with a lot of cayenne and ate a lot of it while I was pregnant. Spicy food didn't bother me. :) I'm assuming he is just used to it.


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