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I didn't test positive for these on my allergy test, but want to avoid them for a time because I've got some inflammation issues going on. I've read that peppers are a member of the nightshade family, including chili peppers, which would mean I should avoid chili powder and tabasco sauce. Can I get a second opinion?  I'm sort of in denial.  :P I love mexican food and it's one of the foods I can still  have (mostly) with gluten allergies. MF is just really bland without the two above ingredients, especially avoiding tomatoes!  :D

Break it to me gently girls.  ;) :D


--- Quote from: mommyjen on January 12, 2010, 01:55:07 PM ---Break it to me gently girls.  ;) :D

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MJ, my DS is severely allergic to nightshades and he is able to handle all of the spices that are considered nightshade.  He can also do bell peppers without issue.  Here's what I've experienced.  It *appears* that an allergy shows up to the liquid (or enzyme) of a food.  Because of that, while we are allergic to fresh garlic, we are able to handle dehydrated garlic that gets rehydrated with water.  This is true for potatoes (although I don't use instant potatoes the same principal would probably apply).  When they remove the enzyme/liquid from the food it seems they also remove the part a person would likely become allergic to. 

This may not be true for all people.   Some may not be able to handle even dehydrated of a food product.  I just know for us, the spices we've shown allergic to I haven't had any issues with in this house.  I don't use fresh garlic, but I do use fresh peppers (frozen from my garden). 

So, for what all that's worth - I would use them with caution and just listen to your body.  If your body argues, then give it up for now.   ;D  When it comes to some foods that we aren't sure of, I'm big on listening to the body.


Interesting, Patti.   :)

I think, too, that one can have a problem w/ one food from the family and not necessarily the others.

I'd second the watching-your-body's response answer.   ;D

The least healthy in my family react (or did react) to potatoes only. Tomatoes and peppers were fine. I think it was the starch, not the nightshade part that caused the problem.
Hope you can keep your mexican food. It was such a treat for us when we got to have our beans and corn tortillas back!  :)


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