Author Topic: Unhealthy [Bad] Fats in Gluten Free Foods?  (Read 19330 times)

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Re: Unhealthy [Bad] Fats in Gluten Free Foods?
« Reply #30 on: October 20, 2009, 02:30:43 AM »
Does anyone else have trouble when trying to use coconut oil when baking?  Its seems like when I use it for muffins, some of the oil will seep out of the muffin cups and they will be greasy?  Also, if I need to melt the oil because it's too cold, sometimes when I add milk or any other cold liquid, it will harden back up, and really makes a mess of my batter. :P

Any tricks I should know about?


Maybe make sure the cold liquid is room temp?  I know, when making my bread, you're supposed to have everything room temp (except the warm water) and I always forget to take my flour out of the freezer ahead of time.  But it usually still works.

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Re: Unhealthy [Bad] Fats in Gluten Free Foods?
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o.kay im confused now the stuff at MRH says that it is virgin organic but it also says it is expeller is unrefined though they say...that is the important part??? I'm also wondering about what the MRH stuff is like...I know a few of you said you ordered some. I currently have the NOW brand of coconut oil and it is very coconutty...I like that a lot...what about the <a href=">Mountain Rose Herbs[/url] stuff...Anyways, hoping someone can help...I also want to be able to use it for goot and diaper rashes and such...I read on one of these threads you want it to be virgin for diaper rashes??

typically around 13 I think for 1 gallon. I always tried to do group orders to bring the cost of shipping down....I just use nutivas now...from Its great and right now I think its 43/gallon w/ free shipping...

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Re: Unhealthy [Bad] Fats in Gluten Free Foods?
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I buy coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.  Have also bought from Wilderness Family Naturals, but they no longer carry the traditional coconut oil - the stuff that is basically considered "fermented" because it is allowed to sit for a short period.

I think a lot if your preference.  But I do question the having it sit at certain temps - I mean if it is from the Phillipines, you would think it could handle warmer temps then 78 degrees.