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Quick Reference Guide to Identifying Plants
« on: October 11, 2009, 06:03:27 AM »
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For Quick Reference:

If plant is leafless with a straight finely-edged stem with joints at regular intervals, check the horsetails.

If leaves are slender with parallel veins, check the grasses.

If plant stem has a paper-like collar at the base of each leaf, check the buckwheat family.

If the plant has lens-shaped, black or dark brown, shiny seeds, check the pigweeds, minerslettuce and lambsquarters.

If plant has opposite leaves that appear joined around the swollen joints of the plant stem, check the pink family.

If plant has alternate leaves and small four-part flowers in white, yellow or purple, check the mustard family.

If plant has compound leaves and flowers are typical pea blossom shape, check the pea family.

If plant has long compound leaves, small yellow flowers, spreads on the ground forming a mat and develops hard, spiny burs, check puncturevine.

If flowers are tiny and in a broad flat cluster at ends of stems, check the parsley family.

If plant has milky juice check the spurges, the dogbanes, the milkweeds and the sunflower family, a few of which have milky juice.

If plant stem and leaves are bristly-hairy, check the borage family.

If plant has a square stem and opposite leaves, check the mint family.

If plant flowers resemble those of snapdragons, check figwort family.

If plant has square stem, tiny white four part flowers and leaves are in whorls around the plant stem, check the bedstraws.

If plant has round stem and leaves appear to be in whorls around plant stem, check corn spurry.

If plant has a flower head with many small tube-like flowers clustered on a common base with an outer row of strap-shaped flowers, check the sunflower family.
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