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Wild mint


I have an abundance of wild mint growing in my flower garden.  It's pretty and in bloom right now, but doesn't have any real mint smell.  It just came up wild.  Does anyone know if it has any value nutritionally or medicinally (I think that is a word) ?  I've got to pull a lot of it up as it is taking over and would like to put it to some kind of use.  Any suggestions/ideas? 

Here's a little info on mint to get you started. You might search the internet for pictures, so you can see exactly what kind of mint you have.

There are many weeds with the word "mint" in them.  You could have catmint or calamint.  Both look like mint, but no smell or anything.  Wild mint should smell very minty.  HTH.

I am curious if you found out what kind of mint this is, Clementine.

Our friends have a mint bush that sprung up, spearmint I believe, and we have pulled off TONS of leaves and dried them for potpouri, mint tea, etc.  They hate it and keep chopping it back, and every time it grows back thicker!  But it has a very pungeant mint smell.


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