Author Topic: Are aromatherapeutic essential oils different from other essential oils?  (Read 1406 times)

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Hello everyone...

So, I'm a bit confused...  About a month or so ago, I placed an order with Beeyoutiful and among what I ordered was a bottle of clove oil.  I have friends who use very diluted clove oil on their babies' gums while teething and it works wonders, and, as I'm expecting in a couple months, I wanted to have some clove oil on hand for when my baby starts teething.  However, when I got the bottle of clove oil, it said that it was for aromatherapy use and not for internal use.  I assumed Beeyoutiful's oil was of good quality so are aromatherapeutic essential oils processed differently so that they can no longer be used internally?  I hope this question was slightly understandable...thank you SO much for any info!

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Re: Are aromatherapeutic essential oils different from other essential oils?
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Bump, I'm curious too!
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