Author Topic: ADHD newly off Strattera  (Read 4527 times)

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ADHD newly off Strattera
« on: September 08, 2009, 03:02:32 AM »
Hi!  I just took my ds off of Stattera this past weekend as he has been displaying some disturbing behaviors.  Now that he is off the meds, I have my son back!  He is much more loving than ever and grateful that we helped him.  Tho, things are much better at home, we still have issues, and while I understand that it takes time for the effects of the meds to completely disappear, I am still concerned.

My dh is still doing things that are not terribly nice to put it mildly and he allegedly forgets that he has done these things.  Such as when I caught him at the creek after telling him mere hours earlier that the creek is still off limits for him and his siblings.  He threw a tantrum walking back home when he ripped off his shoes and threw them one at a time down the street in anger all the way home.  And this morning, while one of his brothers went out to the car to get his book bag, my son hid his brothers lunch box and denied doing it but he was the only one who could have as everyone else was out to the car already and I had just seen it where I put it after I packed it.  But again, he doesn't remember doing these things.  The frequency of this has lessened but it is still happening.  Is this normal or is this a sign of something else or still the ADHD? 

Also, what can I do to help him control his impulsive behavior?  I am frustrated by this and I am not sure what I can do to help him all the way around with his ADHD symptoms. If there is any advice you can all give me, I would appreciate this!  TIA

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Re: ADHD newly off Strattera
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2009, 03:52:00 AM »
Have you considered putting him on a special diet?  This book by Kenneth Bock is awesome and I think you would find it incredibly helpful.  There are also a few threads on here about leaky gut syndrome, yeast, special diets and healing up the gut that I think would be really helpful.   :)
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Re: ADHD newly off Strattera
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2009, 09:44:43 AM »
So much of ADHD as Abbi said is diet related.  The rest IMO is related to heavy metal toxicity.  If you get him on a good clean diet, and many of his problems will just go away.   Many children with ADHD calm down and function much better when dairy and/or gluten is removed from the diet.

Whether he is lieing about forgetting having acted inappropriately or not.....test him.  Does he remember other things around that time?  Then he probablly isn't being truthful.  If he has no recollection of other events, then he is probably telling the truth.  Kids do know how to manipulate their mothers!!! ;) ::)  If you are supsicious, you might consider helping him to remember by adding extra not-so-fun chores to help him remember.

Also, Cod Liver Oil is being used with great success for children with ADHD.  If his memory really is lacking, this supplement might help in that area.
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