Author Topic: Joint pain, headache, fever...diagnosis, please  (Read 3431 times)

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Joint pain, headache, fever...diagnosis, please
« on: September 07, 2009, 11:03:23 AM »
My daughter, 17, has been sick for 3 years.  During the Fall of 2006, she came down with mono and has never fully recovered.  She is ill 3-5 days each week.  The doctor recently referred to her symptoms as "malaria-like," including, but are not limited to, fever, joint aches & pains, headache, skin rashes that come and go, allergy-type symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, throat that constricts), etc.  When she has been on natural supplements to build up her immune system, she feels worse, as if her body is not properly processing and utilizing the supplements.  She is currently seeing a chiropractor and that offers some temporary relief.  She has been tested for candida and those results came back clear.  She participated in hydrogen peroxide IVs but saw no improvement.  Her blood work for anemia, diabetes and thyroid issues was also fine.  A trip to the allergist for the multiple pin pricks on the back indicated that she is allergic to just about everything (plants, animals, food, airborn allergens, etc).  She has had 3 months of NAET treatments, which provided some temporary relief but nothing long-term.  Most recently she submitted blood for two Lymes diseases test.  Though the second test had more indicators and was more thorough, the results were inconclusive.  She is currently taking wormwood.  Our next options are a high powered antibiotic or burbur & cumanda.  We have a great doctor who is willing to work with us.  We would just like some input as to what to try next. Tthanks for any help or suggestions you can offer. 

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Re: Joint pain, headache, fever...diagnosis, please
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I would seriously consider doing the "Incurables program" developed by natural healer, Dr. John R. Christopher and refined by his student Dr. Richard Schulze.  They healed 1000s of all kinds of diseases.  The underlying tenent of their programs is that if you get the eliminative channels open and functioning properly then your body can work to heal whatever is wrong.