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mouth cancer, from chewing tobacco


does anyone know anything about this?  I'm worried about dh.  Last weekend he was complaining of pain under his tongue, kind of in between his tongue and throat, inside, not where you can see it.  He had trouble eating, talking, and swallowing.  He says it's better now, but this is the second time he has had trouble.  He is supposed to go to the doctors today.  Would they be able to see if there is something there with an xray or some test?

I wish I could get him to quit, he tried once, but couldn't.

Any update?
I too worry about my husband.  He has quit for years, then will start again out of the blue.  Right now he has quit and has been off for about 6 months.  He says 'Bacc Off' brand seems to be the best for him.  He does rotate many of the herbal varieties while quitting. 
Ceasing in nagging (from me  :-X) and lots of prayer is what brings him to quitting.  Plus, some reward incentive  :o.  That helped him alot last time.  ;)


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