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Anyone know how/when to harvest chaste berry (vitex)??

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I have a large chastetree growing in my front yard that I grow organically. I have loads of berries and would love to harvest them but I can not tell when they are ripe. They tend to go from green, to greenish-yellow, to black and shriveled so I assume greenish-yellow is the ripe color. Does anyone know if that is correct? Are they still useful if they have dried naturally on the tree itself, or is it necessary to cut them and dry them before that point?
Any help y'all can provide would be very useful!
Thanks and God bless,

Oh how awesome!!!!

Does anyone know??

GreenWillow, how did you get started growing a chaste berry tree?



 The fruit is harvested in the fall after the second or third year. The fruit/berry is already dry on the plant and just strip it off the stalk with your fingers. Harvest before fall/ winter rains so not to decrease quality.

For seeds or plants:


ALittleMore - we love our chastetree! :)  I have a wonderful book called "The Scented Garden" with all sorts of wonderful aromatic garden suggestions, and chastetree fit the profile of what we needed for a certain spot in the yard. We are pushing it a little with our winter temps (north GA almost to TN) but our chastetree is absolutely thriving and healthy (it is now as tall as our single-story house, and as wide as it is tall!). It is beautiful, we never use any sprays or fertilizers and we never fail to get compliments every year when it blooms. It must have a TON of berries each year and I have never thought of harvesting them until recently.

HerbFever, Thank you so much for the great information! I guess we better get out there and strip those berries, some are beginning to dry on the branch and others are in-process. I think we will end up with many more than we need, I wonder if my local herb shop would purchase would be a wonderful homeschool "small business project" for my 13 year old daughter! The links were also very helpful - thank you for taking the time to share!


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