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Garlic Tea for kids


Hi all,

My son is fighting a cold--not full blown yet, but runny nose and a little cough.  I made the garlic tea w/ sweetener...I'm just wondering if it's as effective if I give him sips throughout the day, using the same tea.  He WILL drink it cold, and seems to take it ok.  Is it still as potent if I make it in the morning and give him sips till bedtime?  Or do I need to make fresh tea each time??


I say it is fine.  And great that he will take it cold, but I would say, reheat it, the heat can help kill some gook too.  BUT, I have no research to base this on, just what I would   do.

That's the method that I use with my youngest. He's much better today after two days of the following routine. He was cranky with a bit of a sniffle. Better attitude and no sniffle today.

1 tsp fresh garlic, finely chopped
Hot, not boiling water poured over the garlic (6 to 8 oz)
Strain the water, add 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and honey to taste.

He doesn't drink it all in one sitting, so I just refill his cup throughout the day with the mix until all of it is gone. It is just as effective cold. The water is heated to pull the garlic oil into the water.

It's so nice to have something simple on hand that gives so much relief.


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