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Have you ever heard of this guy?  Is he a quack?  What is Azomite?!?!?!  I have heard it hasn't been deemed fit for human consumption...


Mrs. B:

--- Quote from: joshs_rebekah on May 22, 2008, 07:09:30 AM ---Have you ever heard of this guy?  Is he a quack?  What is Azomite?!?!?!  I have heard it hasn't been deemed fit for human consumption...


--- End quote ---
I've never heard of him, and I would be wary of the Azomite, personally.  Overall I think this guy seems pretty realistic in his views... You are only going to lose 10 pounds during a cleanse if your colon/intestines are full.   Other than the azomite, it seems like a pretty normal plan...

Mrs. Dugger:
Nourishing Traditions recommends azomite as a mineral supplement.  Apparently it has aluminum in it, though.  Here is a quote about it from the Weston A. Price Foundation website:

--- Quote ---Q. Is azomite a problem because of the aluminum, etc?

A. Yes, I get a lot of questions about Azomite.  It is safe for human consumption. I recommend it because it is a natural, inexpensive mineral supplement.  Tests have never been done on humans and won't be because the FDA won't allow it.  There have only been studies with animals and it is a good mineral supplement for animals.
It does contain aluminum, but it is also rich in silica, which counteracts the aluminum.  People have been eating clay and dirt as a tradition for thousands of years and all clay contains aluminum and silica.

Here's some information on minerals that may answer your questions

This being said, I don't feel this strongly about it. You can also get lots of good minerals from sea salt, raw milk, bone broths, etc.
--- End quote ---

Not something I'm willing to ingest, but my personal opinion is that it probably wouldn't hurt someone who controls other intakes of aluminum and metals.  I think if you have to resort to eating dirt to get nutrients, something's REALLY wrong with your food! lol

 My dh goes to a medical doctor turned natural and he told my dh to take azomite powder in his water to replace the minerals in his RO water. This doctor believes in eating NT style and is also a chemist and says it's important for people who have health issues to drink pure water that has the natural minerals in it but for those of us who don't have safe well water to drink, this is the best option.

I ordered some azomite powder and it came today=) I am going to try the 1/4 tsp in some water that jessimarie said that she does. I am okay on downing gross stuff...Not my favorite, but I can do fish oil, so this won't be half as bad as that...LOL! I am hoping it will help me with my chocolate cravings...or maybe I am lacking some other nutrient?


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