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Arm pain
« on: July 08, 2009, 06:41:23 AM »
I have had sharp pains in my wrists (mainly my right arm) for over a year now. I don't think I do much of any one thing that would cos this but now it's affecting everything. Kneading dough, typing, even writing, holding lifting carrying baby and 2 year old, even the way I push my self up off the floor or somewhere. Yesterday, I am not even sure what I did but I moved my hand a certain way and it was like my wrist locked up and hurt so bad like a pinched hurt! At night my arms ache- so much so that I get weepy just holding the baby to nurse. I honestly haven't taken pain relievers for it yet but I think I may be gettin some advil to keep (TMJ issues here also). Any ideas?
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