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Problems At Night - My Dad
« on: April 09, 2009, 12:55:35 PM »
 My Dad has been having some problems at night.  He goes to sleep fine, but then wakes up in a couple of hours.  He always has ringing in his ears, but when he wakes up the ringing is really loud and he can hear his heartbeat and feels like his blood pressure is up.  He gets up and goes out to his chair.  Once he sits up after about 45 mins. it subsides. He has had a quadruple bi-pass and had both carotids cleaned out.  They did a doppler about 1.5 years ago on his carotids and the one was clear, and the other one was starting to fill back up.  They are sending him for another carotid doppler test.  He can sleep more sleeping up with out the problem.  Any clues of what he might suggest they look for?  They don't seem to be too interested in figuring anything out.  My Dad is the one who suggested the doppler test this time, not the Dr.
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