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Homemade Suppositories?

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I tried the yoghurt in the gloves once and it worked great.  I used them right before bed.  Only if I had it to do over I'd only fill the fingers half full of yoghurt; it was a lot...   :o


--- Quote from: herbfever on September 26, 2006, 09:08:22 AM ---In the book The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook by James Green he has a chapter on making suppositories. He also calls them boluses. You may find more info if you searched that term.

--- End quote ---

I'll do that, thank you.   :)

Yes, you can make your own suppositories, without molds or any fuss whatsoever. 

It's great to use coconut oil that is cool enough to be solid, but still soft enough to be a little pliable.  You put a little dollup on some plastic wrap and roll and fold the plastic wrap around it so you can form it into the shape of a suppository.  When it's the desired shape, you finish wrapping it in plastic and put it in teh freezer to finish firming up.  Repeat with several so you have a "stash" for the appropriate treatment time. 

I forgot to mention that you can put tea tree oil into your coconut oil.  It's probably best to melt the oil first and then add the tea tree oil, then let it cool to the point where it's firm but pliable and continue as I described above.  I did infuse some crushed garlic into my melted coconut oil, but the results were very yucky smelling.  I had to do a major yogurt and water douche the next morning to rid myself of the very garlicky smell.  Ugh.   Tea tree and garlic certainly work to get rid of troublesome germs, but they might get rid of your hubby too...  :-\

Just kidding.   :D

The coconut and tea tree should do the trick for any little vaginal infection.  Also, if the tissue is very irritated, it might be good to throw in a little emu oil which I hear is very soothing.  And just a few drops of tea tree oil will probably be sufficient, as it can tingle and burn a little bit especially on tender tissue.

Another option, I hear, is to soak a tampon or sea sponge in water and tea tree and use that as a sort of suppository.

Boric acid put in capsules is another treatment option for yeast and BV infections. 

Hope this helps.


I know this was posted a year ago, but I am wondering if boric acid suppositories are safe while pregnant?  I've been doubling my probiotic dosage and trying the garlic suppositories (am on day 2 of those).  Maybe boric acid will fight the yeast harder?!

***************************************** I have used these personally with great success. This information is from Understanding Diagnostic Testing in the Childbearing Year by Anne Frye. I simply put the powder in empty gel caps (dumped out some herbs). You place them as high "up there" as you can 2 nights in a row, take 1 night off, and repeat 2 more nights. Be sure to do this after your last trip to the bathroom. You may need to treat DH while you're at it. Just make wipes for him soaked in 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon boric acid added and ask him to use them each time he uses the bathroom. Hope this helps. Amy


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