Author Topic: Depression: when to take meds?  (Read 26134 times)

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Re: Depression: when to take meds?
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I have a special light I have used too. It does work but you have to be faithful with it. I got an Apollo 10,000 Lux light and used when I was pregnant.  It does boost the mood, but you cant get too much light or it made me tense or on edge/jittery!

Exercise is another thing that can work as good as antidepressents in studies.

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Re: Depression: when to take meds?
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Hi mommyjen,

I hope you're feeling better.  I was reading up ^ the thread some and found that I practically did the same as herbs girl:

Omega 3's

capsules SuperMom OR Now Special Two multivitamin (I took All Day Energy Greens)

capsules 1,000 IU vitamin D (9 per week)


The difference in my regimen was that I used melatonin for a few months and CoQ10 after I stopped the Adrenal Cortex after a few months.  I finally figured out that the Adrenal Cortex could've been what was making my heart palpitate and causing me to be jittery at night, so I quit taking it at some point.  When I finished the melatonin I decided to do the magnesium.

Here's what I've been doing of late with good success:
Omega 3's (Krill by Mercola) Once I run out of this, I'll be switching to Carlson's Fish Oil
CoQ10 (100 mg)
Spirulina in fruit smoothine w/coconut oil w/BHS Daily Boost
Vitamin B12
BHS Liver Tincture
Jigsaw Health's Magnesium
I also tried to get outside more with my children.  I always felt better after doingsomething outside

Don't feel bad if you do need to go the anti depressant route, because you know it is just temporary until you can get to feeling good enough to take care of yourself and slowly add supplements as you're able.  Your hubby sounds like mine; concise and simple; wise ;).  

Oh, and one thing that seemed to really help with brain fog was the cilantro pesto that someone posted on WTM.  Ty Bollinger told me to do a cilantro shake (cilantro and clean water in blender) for about a month to see if that would help, but I did the Cinlantro pesto instead.  I, too, believe I have the mercury toxicity (I still have 5 more amalgams to be removed), but what I've been doing of late seems to be helping a great deal.
Praying for you, and I hope you'll get the proper rest you need to function.  I think we all must have Wonder Woman complex ;D
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Re: Depression: when to take meds?
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Seems that people in my extended family struggle with this issue a lot.
This link is a good list of symptoms and herbs/supplements all in one spot-

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