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Anyone take Jessie Hawkins herb classes?

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I have been taking the class for 7-8 months, I hope to have completed it in one year. I would love to take the master herbalist, but I'm not sure if we'll have the money, dh had a job change, and we're pretty tight on funds.
Anyway, here is the basic info:
Here is the list of chapter:

The class is very well laid out, easy to understand and learn.


Thanks for the links. I've gone through Jessies website and read everything. Will PM you.

I am taking the Natural Wellness introductory course to get my feet wet, but also have the Family Herbal course ordered so I can move into that one after I am completed with this other. I will say, it is slow going for me...trying to get back into the swing of test taking, study habits, etc. Aside from that, the materials are VERY informative  :) I plan to post more about things as I move along further with stuff.

BTW, I am a newbie on this list.

I am enrolled in the family herbalist course.  I had actually started researching alternative health back in 2005 and learned a lot on welltellme.  That said, I am finding that through the research I had done and reading here I know a large percentage of what they are teaching in the family herbalist course.  I have really only reinforced what I already knew.  I am struggling at keeping going because I want to learn new stuff.  I almost wish I had gone with dr. Christopher's course except I wasn't sure I could do that on my own time schedule which is really important to me.    Hope that helps a little.

I am so grateful to get some feedback on Jessie's classes! I am anxious to at least start with Family Herbalist, as I want to focus my learning and I feel I'm "all over the place" right now.
Also, I would like to make sure that Jessie comes from a Christian world view. It's rather scary seeing some of the spiritualism that people attach along with herbalism!


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