Author Topic: CMT: causes, symptoms, treatment  (Read 7485 times)

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CMT: causes, symptoms, treatment
« on: December 03, 2008, 06:51:11 PM »
Can anyone tell me about CMT? I found this site that explained it quite a bit, but I'm looking more for a down-to-earth explanation  ::) and also, if anyone has personal experience with this.

I know someone who has this, and although I do not know them well enough to ask for details, I do know that they are considered to have a hereditary form of it. They have trouble walking, and it greatly affects their everyday life.

I realize this goes quite a bit beyond the "GOOT, plantain, ACV, and tea tree oil" realm... but I also tend to think that even very complex things like CMT have a root somewhere that perhaps can be dealt with and, if not cured, helped?

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Re: CMT: causes, symptoms, treatment
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Re: CMT: causes, symptoms, treatment
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Oh boy, I made it to about paragraph 3.   :-\  Sorry I know nothing about it...

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Re: CMT: causes, symptoms, treatment
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This is definitely beyond GOOT  ;)  I read through some of the article, and it appeared that they connect it with genetics, and that it either affects the shaft of the nerve cell, or the myelin coating. 

Myelin is made up of fat.  I think that there is a direct connection to eating healthy fats and neurological health.  I recommend Nourishing Traditions Cookbook or the Weston A. Price Foundation for more reading on healthy fats.   

Also making sure she is properly digesting and breaking down those fats, so her body can use them to repair the myelin sheaths.  Since a good portion of our digestive flora is physically passed along from our parents, then it's possible that she has inherited a flora mix that is not efficient at breaking down fats.  NOW foods makes a Super Enzyme mix that includes Ox bile, which breaks down fats for digestion.  If she has any Gall bladder issues, then this would be really helpful for her.

If she knows more about the specific type of CMT that she has, then she can do much more research on her own.  I would recommend really studying how a healthy nervous system is made up and operates.  Then I would start looking at what building blocks are needed to support that system.  If it's a rare disease, maybe she could research common neuralogical issues that have more published research with herbals and natural healing.  I think the Chinese have a very rich history of dealing with neuralogical issues with herbs. 

Another good place to look for support for rare disorders is Yahoo groups.  There are often groups created for those with disorders who are looking for natural treatments.

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Re: CMT: causes, symptoms, treatment
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After having read just a bit of the article you set a link to....
I don't know much about CMT although from my studies about many other things I tend to agree with Gwen I think she's right on!
 I would recommend the GAPS book Gut & Psychology Syndrome By Natasha Campbell McBride She wrote the book with Psychological problems in the forefront and how the health of one's gut plays a roll, but very thoroughly explains how what one eats plays a roll on every part of our body, even in our children inheriting our poor gut health causing their health to be compromised.
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Re: CMT: causes, symptoms, treatment
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Thanks, ladies!  :-* This gives me a place to start.