Author Topic: Should I be this sore, and hurt???  (Read 2420 times)

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Should I be this sore, and hurt???
« on: November 24, 2008, 03:50:52 AM »
I am trying to get a better is slow going as my family is very southern and love my southern cooking...there are some things that they just ABSOLUTLEY will not eat. Anyway, I suffer from neuralgia and vertigo...was hospitalized for neuralgia  2 years ago...vertigo seems to come and go through the year...(a good friend also suffers from it) we believe  it could be seasonal allergies (?). So, last week I starting suffering with the vertigo..not bad, just a little dizzy when laying down or trying to roll over when sleeping....I decided that my diet wasn't what it should be...too many diet pepsi', I pretty much cut them out entirely...drinking only water. Now, I am very sore, especially through my shoulders and neck....I had this similar experience after the neuralgia...went back to the Dr, but he felt that because my head had hurt for so long, it had left my head and neck did eventually go away....I suffer from headaches as well....*and use to take something for them, I don't suffer as bad...but over the weekend, I did have to break down and take something......but as I type this, my right should is very sore....yesterday my legs were sore.....could this be a way for toxins to escape??