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While this diet is very close to the SCD, there are a few changes.  One important difference is that the GAPS diet removes casein in addition to lactose in the beginning stages of the diet. 

I will try to go through both books(Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha McBride) and see if I can explain a little better. 

My rule of thumb on the SCD Diet is to not try casein until at least 3 months into the diet.  This is what I will do for my son.  He has been casein free for almost 2 years now.

GAPS Diet-instructions on dairy

Avoid all dairy products for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Step 1 - Introduce organic unsalted ghee (recipe available in Gut and Psychology Syndrome)same thing as clarified butter(This stage is normally about 6 months)

Step 2 - Introduce organic unsalted butter(if well tolerated then the patient can move to step 3 slowly)

Step 3 - Introduce homemade kefir, yogurt and fermented cream

Step 4 - Introduce homemade cheese

Step 5 - Introduce mature traditional cheese

Step 6 - Introduce double cream and clotted cream

Avoid all milk and milk substitutes.

Okay, maybe  we should start a separate GAPS Diet(SCD Diet, they are close, but there are differences, so people may get confused on the two)

Another example of a difference between Elaine's book(Breaking the Vicious Cycle) and the Natasha's book(Gut and Psychology Syndrome) SCD Diet is the introduction of nuts.  I believe in Breaking the Vicious Cycle she states not to add nuts(or  nut flours) until the three mark point.  I don't believe the GAPS Diet states this.  Although I have been wrong before :o  My brain is so filled with info that sometimes it just runs right together HEHEHE!! 

Let me know what you think?  Do we need a second thread on the GAPS Diet? 


I think it would probably be easier to have separate folders for the diets and then, in the appropriate folder, start a thread for each phase with recipes.... unless that would give HB headaches.


I think you should keep them separate and for those who thoroughly understand both concepts can easily reference phases of either diet to find the recipes they are looking for.

If GAPS and SCD are both recorded in phases, then I suggest you use this naming format for the threads.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet [ SCD ] Recipes & FAQs:  Phase 1
Specific Carbohydrate Diet [ SCD ] Recipes & FAQs:  Phase 2
Specific Carbohydrate Diet [ SCD ] Recipes & FAQs:  Phase 3
Specific Carbohydrate Diet [ SCD ] Recipes & FAQs:  Phase 4


Gut and Psychology Syndrome [ GAPS ] Recipes & FAQs:  Stage 1
Gut and Psychology Syndrome [ GAPS ] Recipes & FAQs:  Stage 2
Gut and Psychology Syndrome [ GAPS ] Recipes & FAQs:  Stage 3
Gut and Psychology Syndrome [ GAPS ] Recipes & FAQs:  Stage 4

Consistency in naming the threads will help with recollection and searching of these.  Also the spaces in the brackets will help to make later searches for the alternate search keyword in the brackets easier for the search engine to find.

Having 8 (or whatever) separate threads will allow the debates, substitutions and questions regarding each phase to be with the recipes and diet recommendations which will keep all like info together without causing the threads to get too large as they would if they were all clumped together.

If you happen to know that a recipe posted in GAP will also work in the SCD, you could do a couple of things.  You could post it in both.  You could post it in one and link to it from the other.  In addition to either one of these, you could make a notation.

The posts might look something like this:

Gut and Psychology [ GAP ] Recipes & FAQs:  Phase 3

Beef Stew


Directions:  Stir & Cook

NOTE:  SCD Phase 4 compatible

<link to SCD Phase 4 here>

Specific Carbohydrate Diet [ SCD ] Recipes & FAQs:  Phase 4

Beef Stew

<link to beef stew recipe on GAP Phase 3 here>

Clear as mud? 

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking, HB.  :D


That sounds great, but I don't know how to work my computer ???  I need a class in computers again ::)


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