Author Topic: Cyst in muscle of forearm  (Read 4459 times)

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Cyst in muscle of forearm
« on: August 05, 2008, 10:19:08 AM »
Over the last 4 days, a lump has developed on my right forearm. It is about 1.5" across and feels quite firm. Went to clinic and Dr. said it was either a cyst or a hardened blood clot - probably developed from an bruise??? He stuck a needle in it and nothing came out so it must be full of something quite solid. He prescribed an anti-inflammitory cream and said to keep from stressing it (HOW with nursing baby and all the house/littlies stuff to do???). Does anyone know of a natural something that would help bring down the inflammation or help dissolve this? O yea, it is a little warm but do not think infection. It is under the skin - no mark at all on skin and  not attached to the bone.

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