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Just looking for experiences and alternative health information on this type of cancer. Someone I know has been diagnosed with this, and she is a young, nursing mother.

So far I've run into "oxygen therapy" and the "cottage cheese/flax seed" cures.

Any other information or experience would be appreciated...


I would be interested as well.  A long time friend of the family had been diagnosed with this maybe six or so months ago.  She is not making it, so it seems to run its course really fast.  Unfortunately. :'(

Pages 183 to 185 of Patient Heal Thyself speaks in general to cancer, and therapeutic foods for it.  The Garden of Life supplements that Jordan Rubin recommends to be part of your solution are:

Primal Defense
Omega Zyme
Perfect Food
Super Seed
Springs of Life

He also recommends the diet from chapters 8 and 10 to be part of the solution.

He also recommends staying away from chlorinated water- drinking, bathing, etc. the chlorine can be absorbed through the skin, and can get in the way of the body healing.  Im sure you have probably read this part in the book though.

I also heard something about people using high concentrations of vitamin C in an IV solution- but this appears to be controversial- some parties claim it works well against cancer, others say it is disproven.  The idea is that the vitamin C solution is toxic to cancer cells, but good for the normal cells.  You cant eat enough vitamin C to get to the blood levels they are talking about (dont have a link, sorry).  Anybody else know anything about this?


My FIL is battling melanoma and his doctor has recommended he take care of it through a strict vegan diet.  The doctor also referred him to the Gerson Institute and we have found promising information on their web site.  Jordan Rubin also makes reference to Gerson in his Maker's Diet book.


My MIL has been battling a disease in the lymphoma/leukemia family of diseases for two years.  Her original prognosis if she "didn't do chemo right away" was 4-6 months.  We chose to take her through natural therapy as best we could.  The first year we somewhat flew by the seat of our pants.  I studied and read everything I could about what body systems were affected by the disease and then we used whole food and supplements to treat those body areas to try and minimize "damage" to them.  We did a lot of stuff with Price-Pottinger foundation.  After a year we met a naturapath that does integrative medicine.  She treats people who are doing either conventional medicine and want to use naturapathy to counteract the effects of chemo or people who only want to do natural therapy.  So, I guess my first recommendation to your friend is to find a naturapath that specializes in cancer therapy.  After we did all of the "western" therapies we started adding chinese medicine.  Mom's naturapath also practiced chinese medicine but felt mom's disease was so serious she wanted her to see someone really good.  We were sent to a CM doc who has only been in the US 10yrs.  His specialty in China was blood diseases and he is also an MD.  He's been doing acupuncture on mom, using specific foods, chinese herbs (which most have American names), etc.  We are very very careful with the chinese medicine because they also have a spiritual component.  But the CM doc has never brought anything spiritual into her treatment.  We also told mom's naturapath we would be very careful about anything she wanted us to do.  Some stuff we've had to pray about and turn her down on.  And we just trust that God is leading us the right direction. 

Short of doing those things, my next best suggestion is the Gerson Therapy in Mexico.  If mom and I hadn't waited a year to find someone to help us I think the Gerson thing would have been good.  Keep in mind, my MIL is 76 so a lot of these treatments are also working on 76yrs worth of "crud."  Even though she's always eaten healthy, etc.  there are still environmental things in her body.  If she's never cured via the natural, we've had 2 yrs with her that they swore we would never see. 

For your friend though, I think time is of the essence.  She's young and I'm sure so desires to be with her family in the future.  She needs to be AGGRESSIVE.  She also needs to make a decision about what she wants to do and just do it and do not look back!  If she can go to Gerson, she should go.  It's 10K but they'll teach her and her husband how to take care of her back home so she can kick this thing.  If she wants to do CM, she needs to start now.  I cannot stress enough the importance of time.  Natural therapies take time to work and in that time the disease can get a foothold that cannot be beat if she's not careful.  It's likely her course of treatment (whomever she sees) will be a combo of whole foods, mega supplements, acupuncture (if she's okay with that) and exercise to keep the lymphs clear. 

*IF* your friend chooses to do conventional medicine she should absolutely be doing naturapathy along with it.  The treatment for H. Lymphoma can cause the disease that my MIL has today and it is deadly and difficult to treat.  If she does natural therapy with the conventional she is much less likely to die from the "treatment" they give her, she will change the environment in her body that allowed her to get sick in the first place and she will suffer much less with the treatment side effects. 

All the best to your friend and her husband.  As a near full time caregiver, it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Add to it having 3 small homeschooled kids, a home business with hubby, taking care of hubby and home and it is STRESSFUL. 


p.s.  please also tell her that every doctor she ever sees will tell her she's crazy.  We just ask my MIL's when he's going to ask us what we're doing that's keeping mom alive so long.  And not just alive - but feeling pretty well. 


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