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Thanks for the update, Rikki.

I have used it a few times since posting. I'm down half an inch in my hips, but have gained a little in other areas (waist, abs, and thighs). I'm not freaking out yet. I haven't been consistent with cardio (walking), so I'm going to give it a good round before I give up entirely.

Though they were minimal, I did have some results with T-Tapp. However, it seems to aggravate one of my shoulders whenever I do it. I recently found out I have mild scoliosis, which is why my shoulder and hip have been bothering me (yep, I have a tight hip on the opposite side of my bum shoulder). My present guess is that all of the twisting moves in T-Tapp aggravate my scoliosis and shoulder. For the present, I need to find a different form of exercise. So I'm going to stick with Chico and see what becomes of it.