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Cleanse before becoming pregnant?

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Just wondering if you ladies do a cleanse before you become pregnant each time?  If so, what kind do you do? 

Kansas Girl:
I have three children, and I have never cleansed before becoming pregnant before.  However, I never knew about all the cleanses a person could do before either.  I am now doing a Master Cleanse (this is my third day).  I tried to do it a couple of months ago and became pretty sick while doing it so I only lasted 6 days. I am hoping to do a liver flush tonight.   I have been doing the water cure since then and am now trying to do the Master Cleanse again.  I hope to follow with Yeast Assassin for a while to make sure I don't have yeast or parasites and then my hubby and I are planning on trying for a fourth baby.  My reasons for cleansing before becoming pregnant are because pregnancy has been increasingly difficult for me with each pregnancy.  Also, I have had a lack of energy ever since my third child has been born.  I want to be strong for the pregnancy and to be able to still take care of the children that we do have.  I don't think everyone has to do a cleanse before becoming pregnant, but I felt it was the right thing for me.  -KG

I am sooo glad someone asked this question.  I have had just this thing on my mind ever since I read the posts about the lemonade fast.  I really want to do a cleansing before I get pregnant this time!  Can anyone give us their advice for what would be good to do?

Yes, I'm curious to the kind of cleanse you ladies suggest.  Also, do I need to cleanse even if I feel great?  I have lots of energy and have a healthy diet and exercise nearly every day.  Just wondering...

I have read that there are countries where the tradition in the tribe is a special diet for the man and the woman for 6 months before they are married (they are expected to reproduce immediately after marriage). That's right....the man makes a difference also. I don't know exactly what goes into the diet but I know it has produce and not meat and processed foods.


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