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Lemongrass uses?


Hello everyone!  I just picked up some lemongrass at the farmers market. (I JUST LOVE THE FARMERS MARKET!!!)  When I was searching online for juicers, I kept seeing "lemongrass juice" as a great healthy thing.  But now that I have some, I can't find out uses for it!!  I searched online and in my herbal books and on

Anyone know some great things to do or cook with lemongrass?

I searched this site and found that you can use it as a mosquito repellent - perfect for this time of year.  Can I make lemongrass oil at home?

Thanks for the help!

Just saw this! 

We actually use Lemongrass oil (100%% pure essential oil).  I love the smell - kind of rejuvenates me and makes life feel a little more "sunny"! <grin>  I use ours topically, on my wrists, though I believe in some people that might create a sensitivity.

When my husband broke a bone in his ankle, we combined Cypress oil, Lemongrass oil, and (if I remember right?) Idaho Tansy together  in a base of olive oil, massaging it in gently a couple times per day.  It really helped relieve the pain, the swelling went down within a very short time, and amazingly, he was up and walking around on it within a couple days!  (He didn't like the cast they gave him, so we just got a soft brace and he used that a few weeks.)

I know they make home oil distillers, but the good ones are very expensive...  I know that you can make your own distiller, but can't remember where I saw the plans.



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