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Outbreaks of diseases: For those who don't vaccinate


I didn't see a topic for this when I searched, but thought it would be relevant to this forum. My in-laws like to tell me whenever there is an outbreak of a vaccine "preventable" disease because we do not vaccinate.  ::) It is actually nice, so I can be aware of things. Anyway...

There is a measles outbreak in the MILWAUKEE, WI area.

We stopped vaccinating years ago and are constantly told that our children are "behind in their vaccinations" (military hospitals). Now, with outbreaks on the rise of measles, (weren't these folks vaccinated?) ;^}  anyone have tips on healing from measles besides boosting the immune system?
Thank you

I am also very interested in information about naturally caring for someone with measles. Perhaps there is a grandmother out there who's own children had them all those years ago?


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