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Has anyone tried this? I am thinking about getting some of the Sodium Chlorite (MMS - "Miracle Mineral Supplement", how can you resist?) so I can make the Chlorine Dioxide to try... sounds scary... lol

(1 part Sodium Chlorite + 5 parts Citric Acid [Lemon juice] = Chlorine Dioxide = hyper-...

Also at theses sites:

And this how-to:

Another form of oxygen therapy I have been experimenting with is just simple "Oxygen Baths"... O2 trickled into a full bath-tub... nothing fancy. It seems to oxygenate the water and has very interesting effects. I recommend trying it...

By the way, the difference between medical O2 and welding O2 seems to be the way the tanks are inspected. The welding tanks are not required to be placed under vacuum during inspection... medical O2 tanks are required this additional step to guarantee purity of gas... however, I believe that most people could easily get an open prescription for medical O2. I highly recommend trying it. It seems to provide a "whole body rush" of oxygen... it might cause strong detoxing, though... so the first time or so, just take a short bath, and watch your body's response to the O2.


I think this may be similar to a less direct method using salt and vitamin C (some of the Pearl's tried this method for Lymes, and it seems to have worked):

From :

--- Quote ---From experimenting with the treatment of salt and vitamin C, we settled on a dosage of 3 grams of salt and 3,000 mg of vitamin C, each dose taken 4 times per day.Depending upon one's weight this would approximate one gram for each ten pounds of body weight. We think total daily dosage should not exceed 18 grams of salt or Vitamin C per day, and 15 grams would be the average adult's dosage for a full 24 hour period
--- End quote ---

Also here:


PS: New thread here: Vit C & Sea Salt - Lymes Treatment

WOW!  This is impressive.  Keep us informed as to your experience.  If this stuff really does what this info says it does, could be quite a breakthrough!!! :o :o :o

I've been reading the reports on curezone about MMS, but just like anything"new" I'm afraid to be on the frontline, so to speak.  ;)  Can't wait to read further updates.  About the welding O2, how would one go about getting that?  I've tried getting a script for medical grade, but the doc wouldn't go for it.  ::)

Ok, you've peeked my interest.  I found this one... an interview with a doc who likes MMS.


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