Author Topic: Need ideas for lowering husband's triglycerides!!!  (Read 6040 times)

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Need ideas for lowering husband's triglycerides!!!
« on: April 03, 2008, 07:35:45 PM »
Okay, I am depending on the wealth of wisdom here...
My husband (34 yrs old) was hospitalized this past year with pancreatitis.  A high triglyceride count was the culprit.  We need to get the numbers down quickly.  Unfortunately, we have to do this for a physical he will be taking soon (plus we want to get them down anyway). 
So, from what I have read I should cut out grains, most sugars, add lots of green/ leafy veggies, Cod Liver Oil (have the Beeyoutiful capsules), get him to exercise regularly, lots of water, ...what else???  He takes Superdad and a friend recommended Juice Plus (stating that her hubby had the same prob and it changed his #s). 
We could really use some prayer too, if you wouldn't mind.  He has a crazy schedule right now that really doesn't leave a lot of room for (me+5 kiddos), working night shift(40 hr/wk), taking 14 hours of school, plus... so finding time to exercise and rest is really difficult and his stress level is higher than it has ever been.  Good news is the schedule will totally change in a few months!
Any help/ideas would be so appreciated.
Thank you!!!

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Re: Need ideas for lowering husband's triglycerides!!!
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2008, 07:20:28 AM »
Suggestions for lowering triglycerides from Second Opinion Newsletter:

200 mcg daily of chromium picolinate. As for biotin, consider starting with 1 mg per day. You can find both products at any health food store.

Vitamin E as 100 mg of tocotrienols every day, particularly delta fraction of T3 (dT3).

100 mg Seanol per day (

omega-3 fish oil.

Aloe vera or MPS: 200 mg of MPS(mucopolysaccharides). MPS is a key ingredient in standardized aloe products (look for it in product descriptions).  My favorites are Aloe Immune (available from Longevity Plus - 800-580-7587 or, Aloe Master (comes in concentrated liquid or capsules — 800-934-2563 or, and Dr. David Wheeler’s MPS Gold (800-760-3530 or You can find these products in many health food stores.

one-half to one teaspoon of cinnamon per day.

L-carnitine is also effective for lowering triglycerides. Take 500-1,500 mg per day.

policosanol, guggul, and omega-3 fatty acids for the cholesterol and triglycerides, and additional vitamin E and curcumin for high CRP.

hazelnuts (40 grams per day) as part of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.

1 gm of immediate release niacin three times daily plus 3.4 gm of omega-3 fish oil.


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Re: Need ideas for lowering husband's triglycerides!!!
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2008, 08:51:02 AM »
I had pancreatitis after having had gall bladder pains  and high cholesterol for years.  As Im sure you know it is painful and miserable. I ended up having to have my gall bladder removed which ended up helping me greatly.

The doc put me on cholesterol lowering pills which only made my muscles and bones sore, weak and old acting. I have heard many ppl say the same thing.

Here is how I lowered my cholesterol  (triglycerides)   by myself after having went cold turkey off of those awful nasty so called cholesterol lowering drugs.:

I ate lots of :
-oatmeal ( tons of it cause its  cheap and fights off cholesterol))

-avocados ( they are said to have special affects on raising the good cholesterol so that it can fight off the bad cholesterol real well)

-apples ( it is said the fiber in them helps with cholesterol)

-and I took  and still take the mineral called CHROMIUM GTF that we all need but so often are lacking in. It is said to help with balancing food cravings, blood sugars and helping in lowering the cholesterol.

By doing all that my cholesterol dropped by 80 or 90 (I forget  the numbe now) , during the last part of 2006. So when I got it checked in the 1st part of 2007  I got the good news about how well my method was doing for me. The doctor was kind of shocked that for all the time I was on the cholesterol lowering drugs my cholesterol would hardly budge and get lower by much at all, but when I went off the pills how the food I ate made my cholesterol go down with in normal ranges so fast. And all without drugs. Pretty cool  I say!

I have also learned that eating a high carbohydrate diet along with high cholesterol foods makes the body want to hold onto that cholesterol for whatever reason so that the cholesterol is and stays high.  But low carbing helps lower it even if one is eating lots of things like animal proteins.  I find it to be true because it works for me.

I was having pancreatitis during labor of my 1st child. It was not 100% confirmed because of the emergency situation and because the ultrasound could not see the 1000s of gall stones encased in the  thick bile sludge. I was having a pancreatitis attack due to gall bladder issues from high cholesterol. And they could not give me a dye test cause I was preg,. I was barfing up bile, had a very high temp that would not stay down or come down and my blood pressue was so extremely high that the baby was going into distress and possibly going to die if they did not get baby out of me. So they induced labor and I went threw nothing but torture with a long slow labor and pancreatitis with a high temp at the same time all while continuing to barf green bile on everyone near me. I wanted to die.

So That is one reason why I want to keep my cholesterol down because I don't want pancretits  again.
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Re: Need ideas for lowering husband's triglycerides!!!
« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2008, 10:30:56 AM »
Thanks to all who have answered.  I am kind of desperate.  It is hard when you have to jump through hoops determined by the AMA. 

does anyone know whether the Beeyoutiful COL cap dosage is enough? 
Am I over doing it as far as supplements go:
Super dad vitamins
Juice Plus
COL 2 caps / day (Beeyoutiful)
Omega 3*6*9 Beeyoutiful 1/day

I know we could do the 1/2-1 t Cinnamon/day and add oatmeal, apples, avos, greens,water, and cut carbs

I am looking into the other suggestions as well. 
I read the WPrice articles, thanks.