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I just got a tick out of my neighbors stomach. It was embedded, but it was swelled up. I removed it with tweezers. I told her she needed to have the Lyme disease test done, but is there any kind of natural remedy or poultice to draw any poison out?

Black charcoal poultice draws poisons. So does a bentonite clay poultice, and a Plantain poultice. Plantain is a weed that grows in most people's yards in the eastern states.

She sould watch for any achy joints, fevers or swellings, and if they occur, to seek treatment immediately. My Dad had Lyme disease and caught it early, and was successfully treated.

Taking high doses of immune booster herbs would probably also help; elderberry, echinacea, garlic...

How should she make a charcoal poultice? Also ,just to throw this out there, we keep a can of skoal menthal chewing tobacco handy. It will draw the poison out also and completely eliminate the pain of a wasp bite! I guess it gives the nerves a buzz like it does the person chewing it. :D

Gabriel Anast:
Also make sure she goes to a Lyme's specialist... a regular doc will soooo often give an incomplete treatment for Lyme's because it is A) a political disease which means there are widely differing ideas on how to properly treat it and what it even is and B) most doc's just treat it as a single infection when many times it is several infections working together...

Also, treat Lyme's early and "hard." Make sure you knock it out as soon as you see symptoms.


I would love to do my own research on Lyme Disease, but don't have the time, so I am wondering if you could give me a quick list on main symptoms to watch for and/or any links to informative sites.


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