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Hernia Surgery Soon
« on: March 21, 2008, 06:46:51 AM »
My dad is having hernia surgery soon fo about the 7th time. This time he is being repaired in two places in his lower abdomen.  It may be too late to ask but my Mom just told me.  does anyone know of an alternative.  He is very weak and he has just turned 70.  I am very worried that he won't make it through this time we are going to order some supplements to give him energy and healing I hope.  Pray for him please when you read this. He is a preacher and an awesome man of God!  He is usually as strong s an ox even though he has asthsma and skin cancer but he has steadily been going down. Maybe this shoud be in the prayer requests. Gotta go now I hear kids. :(
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Re: Hernia Surgery Soon
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Praying for your dad, GarlicMom.

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