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I have inherited a bounty of herbs!

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I'm pretty new to herbal medicine. I have never made a tincture in my life, but I want to start. My friend had a yard sale and she sold me a huge box of herbs for $6! They are all from The Bulk Herb Store, most still in their original bag. I don't know what to do with any of them except Red Raspberry Leaf. I'm sure I'll get a book but in the meantime can you folks give me some pointers? Here is what I have:

2 lbs Red Raspberry Leaf ( I drank a ton of this tea when I was pregnant and I'll probably drink it to regulate my cycles but I do get sick of drinking tea. If I made this into a tincture would that be a good idea?)

1 lb Oat Straw

2 lbs Alfalfa

1/2 lb Pau D' Arco

1 Lb Shavegrass

You can make your own liquid chlorophyll with the Alfalfa and some Vodka.  Good for internal cleansing and BO.   ;D

Cool! That is something I can add to smoothies, right? I seem to remember someone I know doing that. I read at the Bulk Herb Store website that they just add it to soups, casseroles almost like seasoning just to get the the nutritional benefits.

I'm really excited...I found a few patches of plantain in my yard and I'm going to go pick them before my husband mows the lawn. I'm going to dry them and try to make the plantain astringent made with apple cider vinegar.

I really just need to get down the library and get an herb book. They don't have How to Herb unfortunately (or Nourishing Traditions!) I think I might need to speak with someone...

Hey Gals!
Living in the Amazon, I don't have the blessing of a library so I bought the herb books that looked interesting to me and all I have to say is this....KatieMac, even if they did have them at the library, you will find that you refer to them SO MUCH you are better off to just buy them (ESPECIALLY THE TWO YOU MENTIONED)!  I found mine on for a decent price and they usually ship right away.  Hope you can get some books soon!

Good point! I do think they should have them at least for starters so people can get an overview. I just wanted to read them first...I'm a sloooow mover. I think I am going to ask hubby if I can go ahead and get those two soon.


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