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Positive Pressure Filtration - Home Brew
« on: February 22, 2008, 11:26:09 AM »
Back at the beginning of the Gulf war (the second time around) there was the big scare regarding Anthrax... airborne Anthrax as a terrorist threat.

There were shows on the evening news about how to seal your house off, and video clips of people that had entirely wrapped their houses in plastic and whatnot. It was pretty interesting to me for other reasons, and I did a bit of armchair research into the topic of positive pressure filtration systems. You can search for 'safe rooms' and 'home hepa filters' and 'positive pressure filtration'

For years, there have been good results with treating cancer and other diseases in hyperbaric chambers using high concentrations of Oxygen.

Also there have been the most amazing, if largely uncorroborated, reports of high output gardening done in high oxygen environments. Most of these also employed pressures slightly higher than local atmospheric pressure.

There is also a therapy called topical hyperbaric oxygen therapy where the patient basically puts a plastic tube over the appendage that is getting the therapy, tapes it to the appendage, and runs pure oxygen into the bag for an hour and a half or so. This is to promote wound healing, and is evidently fairly effective.

So... my personal interest was in using this technique to raise oxygen levels and purify the air in an entire house. I figured that if this was a positive pressure system, it would help keep out dust (we live in the South West, and this is a problem), keep airborne illnesses to a minimum, and (maybe) raise our general immune levels by allowing higher general oxygenation.

Of course, raising oxygen levels in general might not be a great idea since blood cell production might drop off... similar to how athletes training at higher altitudes (and lower oxygen levels) produce more blood cells to compensate for the lack... anyway, I am not sure about that yet. The other option would be to slightly ozonate the incoming filtered air just slightly. This would (again) reduce airborne illnesses, and ever so slightly raise oxygen levels.

Where we live, there is almost no humidity... like, really, 0% on many days. Because of this, we can usually cool with what is called "Evaporative Cooling" or perhaps "Swamp Cooling." The idea is incredibly simple, and basically amounts to blowing air through moist pads into your home. The air coming through the pads evaporates some of the water, and in so doing, cools the incoming air.

The odd thing is that this system relies on a lot of air movement, and you have to leave windows throughout your house slightly open so that the cool air will ventilate the entire house.

Voila, a positive pressure filtration system... sort of. Of course, the filtration is not that great, and you don't really want a lot of outside air coming into your house in the winter!

So... I am working on a system that uses a basic evaporative cooler setup that is geared to move much less air, but to still ensure positive pressure in a home (one filtered clean air intake for the entire house).

The air intake will come through a long, buried pvc pipe, maybe 20 feet long filled maybe 50% with water. The modified cooler will pull air from this main pipe. An air intake duct will be attached to a slightly smaller pipe within the main pipe. This pipe will have many holes along the bottom side, forcing air to bubble through the water in the outer pipe.

Removal of organic contaminants in air using a water bubbler

Take this and add a (widely available) home ozone generator in the evaporative cooler squirrel cage... and you have a really great (maybe... lol) positive pressure filtration system that also increases ambient oxygen.

I guess you would need a way to keep the water in the bubbler clean... a way to flush the system.

Anyway... on days with high pollution levels, you could just stay indoors... on days with low pollution levels, you can enjoy nature as God intended it.


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Re: Positive Pressure Filtration - Home Brew
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2008, 06:08:29 PM »

This subject is intriguing to me. I often wonder if I added more houseplants if I would be able to increase the oxygen levels in our home. We live in a fairly rainy, lush & green area in the northwest, but I know that the higher oxygen levels are supposed to be very good for you. The higher the better. Not that I want to live in a hyperbaric chamber (LOL!) but I would like to try to inexpensively and realistically increase our levels of oxygen.

If I lived in a large metro area, I would certainly get purifiers and definately invest in more houseplants. Sickness just rolls through those areas, in my opinion because they are highly polluted, everyone is in close contact and the serious lack of vegetation. Nasty.

Using a water filtration system for the air is something we have used but only in small time sets. Not full time. The only one we have (or know of existing) is our Big Power vacuum. The vacuum doubles as an air filtration system. A side note- you can add these scents to the water to make the air smell a bit like that particular aroma. I have not tried essential oils in it, yet.

Please keep us posted on what you discover!

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Re: Positive Pressure Filtration - Home Brew
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2008, 09:44:29 AM »
Gabe, I think you are on the right track with the whole evaporative cooler idea.  We used to live in a semi-arid zone and used them for cooling from early May to late Oct, 24/7.  Our allergies improved during that time and the house stayed cleaner, even though we lived on a dirt road and had a dirt yard.  We used two good sized coolers and opened windows at either end of the house.  You could actually feel the pressure difference.  I also think the positive pressure just added to a sense of well being.

We live in the wet northwest now and get ill more often...

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Re: Positive Pressure Filtration - Home Brew
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2008, 02:37:30 PM »

How is this system working out for you now? Has it been successful? What would you change?

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Re: Positive Pressure Filtration - Home Brew
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2011, 03:17:31 PM »
Have you done anymore on this system?  If so, how is it turning out?  Thanks for update.