Author Topic: Health Savings Accounts vs. Socialized Medicine  (Read 24679 times)

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Re: Health Savings Accounts vs. Socialized Medicine
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I would like to put a plug in for Samaritan's Ministries, we belong like Momof6.  One thing you don't get with HSA's is people praying for you. You can't beat that for comfort and care!   We love knowing we are helping others with their medical costs, even when we are paying out more then we have used over the past 5 years.  This was the first year we have used Sam. Min. to pay a real bill (some minor ones in the past) and even that was less then our one year payment to Sam. Min. and we still wouldn't go to anything else at this point.

As for dental, you are right, Sam. Min. doesn't cover it, but if you have major dental issues they will submit you as a special need and people will be given your problem and your address so if they feel lead of the Lord to assist you they can.  We are VERY fortunate to have a dentist friend who will often call us up and say, "haven't seen the kids for a while, why not bring them in?" and then not charge us.