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Help! My tea has floaties.....

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I recently got my order of Mama's Raspberry Brew from the Bulk Herb Store.  I like the tea  real well, but it is my first time dealing with loose tea, not in a tea bag.  I put the tea in a tea ball to seep, but my tea is just SOOO full of floaties (little pieces of the herbs).

I am tolerating it right now, but when I am pregnant, floaties make me throw up.  So I want to fix it before then!  :-\

Any suggestions, or is that just the way it has to be???

Chickory Chick:
For Christmas I asked my husband to get me a "tea maker", which he did and I love it.  It is a Sunbeam Tea Drop and makes about 4 cups (you can make less and adjust the setting to weak, medium and strong).  It enables me to use both my lose tea and tea bags and I dont have any floaties (occassionally one or two strays). 

Close your eyes and think of them as fiber -- an important part of everyone's diet! 8)

AND the green tea tastes so good that I leave it out of the tea ball in my cup. It's like getting a nice little serving of greens! Oh, and the Jasmine Green tea . . . YUMMY little flowers.

I think I'll go have some now!  ;D

Okay, this may be gross, too, but this is what I do.  I take my husband's old ragetty t-shirts and store them in a cupboard.  I line a small strainer with a patch of the t-shirt cut out.  I usually cut on contact, but you could cut up a bunch to have them ready on hand.  Then, I use the t-shirt as a strain.  I am sure you could use cheesecloth, but it is so expensive.  Old t-shirts are free.  Gross, but free ;D

We were given a big, nice coffee maker when we got married.  Hubby really loathes coffee (Taste, smell everything!) and for his sake and the sake of my health I never used it to make coffee.

However It did make really good loose leaf Tea! I just put the filter in like you would with coffee and then put the loose leaf tea or herbs in there.  It worked really well for me and took care of any "floaties."  Although, like SC I like the extra texture!  :D  


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