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Ionic Cell Cleansing
« on: November 12, 2007, 04:54:18 AM »
There is an ad in our local newspaper about Ionic Cell Cleansing. Does anyone on here know anything about this???
Here is what it claims:
Cleanse and Detoxify your body in 30 minutes. The ion cell cleanse draws waste from the body with positive and negative magnetic and electrical fields. A natural healing tool, painless, no drugs, and no harmful side effects.
Also benefits: Liver detox, increase energy, reduce stress, internal cleansing, inprove sexual health, lower cholesterol, pain relief, improve memory and sleep, menopause symptoms, liver, kidney and parasite cleanse, wrinkles, acne and other skin problems, enhance immune system, weight control, arthritis, rheumatoid, blood circulation, pH level, drainage of lymph system and swollen glands, menstruel cramps and irregularity.
I am going to call when they open (nov 12) and see what exactly this is, and the cost. Sounds a little quacky to me.  ??? But, if it really does work...
So, anyone tried this???

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Re: Ionic Cell Cleansing
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