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Mullein Recipes for Croup, Cough, Congestion

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--- Quote ---Just a note: I had done some mullein research when a family member had croup and read somewhere that it is one of the most beneficial herbs for dealing with croup.  I made a cough syrup of it and gave it to the parent of the child the day I found out what his "diagnosis" was.  I am not sure if they used it or not or it's effectiveness.  I have used the same syrup recipe when my oldest gets a barky cough and it always works wonders - along with cool mist vaporizer and goot, etc
--- End quote ---

I love this herb! It is in my top 5. I put it in all my immune/flu tinctures. The freaky thing about this sickness (and there was NO COUGH by the way, which was odd) is that it was not responding to anything I doing, including using Immune Awake, which I don't usually give to the kids for obvious reasons (cayenne, garlic, echinacea) and Kid's Immune Support (ech., elderberry, mullein, olive leaf), as well as extra mullein caps in applesauce with quercitin and zinc, and vit. C, and ginger baths, and Debi's chest rub with menthol, etc. I have never had that regimine fail before! Nothing would make the swelling in her throat go down, and I we were becoming too worn out to continue pacing with her to wake her up to breathe. So yeah, thanks for mentioning that- it is such a wonderful herb- we have discovered it even works for our pet bunny's snuffles (which is usually deadly). The folks at the park must think we're odd for picking weeds, but we've used up all the ones in the yard!


My 16 month old seems to be coming down with croup we were up last night with the barky cough most of the night, finally a nebulizer treatment of saline solution helped, and sleeping with the windows open...even though it was 24 degrees outside.. LOL 

Anyway, what I was wondering is someone above mentioned mullien steam... however doing this with a 16 month old would be impossible..
Do you all think that if I boiled some mullien in water then put the water in the nebulizer that it would have the same results??  Do you think that would be safe?? 

I work as a paramedic so I have the nebulizer and the emergency meds on hand should his breathing become labored, or his airway blocked, but unless I have to I don't want to administer inhaled steroids, or anything else. KWIM??

Thanks for all this info about mullien, it is one of the herbs I have in the freezer in bulk..


I don't know much about nebulizers, but we've had the kids inhale peppermint tea steam before... I imagine mullein steam would help too...???

My friend made a mullein and peppermint tincture. It works well for those annoying dry coughs that come on during the night.  I dont know the specifics, but I would suggest 2 parts mullein to 1 part peppermint.

Here's an article on Mullein:

It's properties make it great for congestion and coughing. The recommendations I found said that it blends well with Chamomile & Catnip. I like it with peppermint, but haven't experimented that much. To me, it tastes great and is effective in a tea by itself.


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