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Mullein Recipes for Croup, Cough, Congestion

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--- Quote from: herbs girl on November 03, 2009, 05:57:06 AM ---Magnificent Mullien Recipe
for colds coughs asthma, ect

2 1/2 parts Mullien
2 parts Marshmallow
1 part Angelica
1 part Calendula
1 part Orange Peel
1 part Elderberries

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question--do you mix these together as dry herbs, then make a tea, or do you make a tincture like with glyceran or something? I'm asking becuz my 5 month old has this nasty cough-- you can hear its lots of phlem-- just a loose mucasy cough-- also a runny nose that turns into crust when he's asleep, so he wakes up with crusty eyes, and crusty nose that equals a miserable baby!

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I am also curious about this recipe.  I just stopped in to see what I could find on seasonal allergies, OTC allergy meds and nebulizer treatments.  I would love to use this recipe for my son (almost 2.5) this spring/fall.  Kentucky allergens really hit him hard, and we lost a lot of sleep last year, he was so miserable.  I am due with #3 in April, and I would like to have a plan of attack figured out before I am in a baby-induced fog. :)  I don't know how to make a tea or tincture, so I will need very detailed instructions!  We have a nebulizer, thanks to insurance, but don't want to give him the inhaled steroids.  It has a very small cup on the top and then a mouthpiece to breath in the steam.


Vicky, you might want to look at the thread on Rabbit Tobacco.  Here's one:,19973.msg243728.html#msg243728

You can find others by typing rabbit tobacco in the search bar.

Do you always use dried mullein? My sweet hubby is in the throes of something and has a horrible cough. I am desperate to help him. I've been using essential oils on his feet and chest, but wonder if he needs something internal.

Many thanks...

Dried Mullein is what I always use. I make a tincture with it, both alcohol and glycerite and keep them on hand. If it's a bad cough I give a table spoon of the alcohol tincture 3 to 4 times a day (for an adult). This has always cleared the cough almost entirely in 2 days, then I cut back to a teaspoon 3x a day for about another week, longer if the cough is still lingering. I give the little people a teaspoon to tablespoon (depending on their size) of the glycerite one several times a day. If you don't have tincture or can't get it then make an infusion of 1 part herbs 4 parts boiling water and let steep 8-24 hours and then drink it. Try to get down a pint to quart of the infusion each day.(Its pretty nasty and you have to drink more this way but it is much faster then waiting on a tincture to brew) Also, try and get some HEAVY probiotics in him (but not dairy). Beeyoutiful and Now both have a 50  billion one that works great. In my recent experimenting I have found probiotics to be as necessary as any thing else in treating an illness.   

Thanks sewbusy.
Because I didnt have dried Mullen on hand, --it was still on the plant-- ;D I brewed some cough syrup using honey, onion, lemon, and rosemary.
He went from his "deathbed" to nearly 100% in less than 24hrs!
Drying mullein now so that I will be prepared.


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