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« on: September 28, 2007, 11:35:57 AM »
I am in dire need of advice!  My husband and I opened our home to a foreign couple while she is studying at a local university.  My problem is they do not put their clothes in the laundry after use but wear them till they are ummm - quite offensive.  I have worked out a nice way to get them to strip their bed once a week (I do al the laundry and I line dry).  They do shower everyday.  Is there anyway to kill the odor from clothing worn and then replaced in the closet and drawers to wear again?  I did hang LARGE homemade cedar sachet bags in the two closets and in the room but it is still a HUGE problem.  HELP!

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I'm not sure where you would put it or how it would work.... but baking soda is great for removing odors. Hope you find something that works!
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If you think you can do it w/o offending anyone & can afford it, I know some folks who lined their dresser drawers & closets with cedar paneling-type sheets.  If you can't do that, you may at least be able to line them with newspaper or plain newsprint paper (w/o printing).  One layer on the drawer bottom.  A sprinkling of baking soda.  Another layer of paper.  You might want to tack the corners in the drawers with small staples or tacks.

Just making this up as I go...

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Thank you ladies!  Yesterday my husband and I were doing a little sniff inspection and noted a big difference in the closet after the 2 foot long cedar shaving sachets have been in there for more than a week.  We have concluded that the room itself has a stronger odor (we didn't open the drawers  - yet) and think it is the bed cover.  The duvet, pillow case and sheet are washed once a I will have to take the pillow and cover out to the sun next sheet washing day!  I have set a couple of containers of baking soda around and like the layered paper/soda idea!

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This sounds like more of a clash of cultural preferences rather than one that is grounded in anything to do with actual cleanliness. Every family group has a unique smell. I notice it all of the time.  :-\

If it helps, I will say that I've had the misfortune of living in a place where a large field rat hid and died. We couldn't find him for a couple of weeks  :P :P :P. When we did, let's just say that he had to be scooped up because he was no longer solid.  :o  :-X

I doubt that you are combating odors as this. A good scrubbing afterwards using elbow grease, baking soda, vinegar, etc. was enough to rid the house of the offensive odor. The house didn't absorb the smell and it was PUNGENT!

So, your home is likely quite safe from permanent damage. HTH
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