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Dandelion tea??


I am having a group of homeschoolers out to our place next week and thought it would be fun if they could collect their own ingredients from nature and make some tea or something.  Right now we have available dandelion, mint, stinging nettle (is this the medicinal kind of nettle) and maybe other things I don't realize (any ideas anyone?)  Any suggestions as to how we could make a yummy nature treat? 

Most recipes I have seen say to use dried dandelion root for tea, which wouldn't work for our project.  One recipe said to steep 4 dandelion flower heads in water for 20 minutes.  Anything I should add for good taste? 

Also, I don't know what kind of mint it is that we have, but it does not seem to be peppermint.  Does this matter?  The kids chew it all the time, so I am sure it's edible... :o

Go with the mint. Most people like mint. (You can add it to other teas just for flavor)


--- Quote from: dara on July 11, 2006, 09:58:21 AM ---Go with the mint. Most people like mint. (You can add it to other teas just for flavor)

--- End quote ---

So...add the mint to some other drink, or make mint tea by itself?

I just finished trying the dandelion tea using flowers, and, tasted like weedy water :P  Added some honey and it tasted like aromatic honey water.  I'd rather surprise the kids with how wonderful plants and herbs can be straight from nature.  Hmmmm....

Yeah, just make mint tea with a few addings- a couple flowers or leaves of another kind. I disguise yucky teas with peppermint with giving it to non tea lovers (um, like myself).


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