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vodka for tinctures


I looked at the grocery store for vodka to make a tincture, but the bottle said "diluted" to 21%.  What proof do I need for tinctures, maybe I have to get it at a state liquor store to get the right proof?  :-\

I've used 80 proof...


--- Quote from: bajusabroad on July 10, 2006, 10:10:45 AM ---I've used 80 proof...

--- End quote ---

me too  ;D

Yeah, so I know that you need to use 80 proof, but should I buy the "gray goose" or can I go cheeper?  Is there a difference in the vodka, or is it all the same?  Does it matter for tinctures?  I've thought of using grain alcohol then diluting it...what do y'all think  ???

I don't know much about vodka, but I do know my FIL uses 80 proof and makes sure he buys it in glass bottles because the alcohol breaks down plastic.  He pays quiet a bit to have a local store special order the glass.  I found that Sam's Club has big glass bottles and I didn't check with FIL to make sure, but I think Sam's was cheaper.


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