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Muscle/Strength Testing
« on: September 20, 2007, 07:23:09 PM »
Anyone familiar with it? I have a friend that goes to a natural dctr who does it and my husband has huge red flags. His parents are totally into it along with iridology, so he's familiar with it. We have friends who got saved, that were iinto some of that stuff, and they say, stay far away from it. Just curious if anyone's familiar with it.

OK, this thread has definitely strayed into areas that should better be discussed on 7xS...  so, please post questions there.

As far as a definite statement regarding muscle testing, I will conclude it in the realm of the irrational, and ask that it no longer be recommended as a therapy or diagnostic option on WTM.

There is no scientific evidence for it because it is a method that cannot be repeated. It is in this respect identical to crystal balls, ouija, pendulums, water witching, etc. Further, it is not only not "scientific" but it is irrational. Muscle testing expects a response similar to that of higher cognitive process from muscle, just like ouija expects an answer from paper and a movable indicator, pendulums from the motion of a pendulum, water witching from a metal rod, etc. Whether or not these methods "work" is not the issue.

To clarify what I mean by irrational, lets look at the idea of prayer:

Prayer, interestingly, is in my experience different from the above methods in that the answer to prayer most often comes through a rational means. I pray about my child's illness, and a friend of mine tells me about a study regarding a similar illness and the effects of a specific supplement or therapy.

Can prayer be tested? Not really. Is prayer scientific? Hardly. Is it irrational? In many cases (to the amazement of many skeptics), no.

When a person prays, they ask for a specific thing, help, insight, support, etc... from a god or the universe or whatever. Either the asked for thing manifests or it doesn't. This is just the same as asking a friend for a ride to the store, maybe they can help you maybe they cannot... the response is conditional on the relationship. Most Agnostics and atheists say prayer is a joke because either there is no God, or he is not listening. Maybe this is the case, but it does not change the nature of prayer. Prayer as an idea is not irrational. It might be irrational to talk to the air, but if there is indeed someone on the other end of the conversation, the conversation is not irrational. For those who pray, the assumption is that there is a listener who can respond.

Some would say, "Its just as irrational to pray to God as it is to pray to a muscle, since neither are capable of giving an answer." I would agree in general, except that in the case of God (as regards the Bible anyway) He claims that He is real and that He proves it by telling the end from the beginning. If indeed the Bible's prophetic assertions are correct, at least that gives some reason to believe that there is a God... even if it is not a testable hypothesis in the classic sense. I know for certain that my muscles do not purport any manner of ability to tell me about anything.

In the case of crystal balls, ouija, pendulums, water witching, muscle testing, etc, there is always an immediate response, but there is no reason that the asked object should be able to give an answer.

So... I guess I will have to turn this into a new rule:

WTM is not for the discussion of irrational methods of wellness and healing. I am willing to allow discussion of the method and techniques of strict Applied Kinesiology (...which seems to be what Cecac's doctor practices...) as outlined here:, and in part here: ... but that's all. Strict Applied Kinesiology as I understand it seems to be a type of bio-feedback that is testable, methodic, and rational... as opposed to most "kinesiology / muscle testing."


PS: This above statement has nothing to do with Oriental Medicine... just as in the west, most Oriental Medicine is rational, some is not.

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