Author Topic: Watermelon seeds for healing the urinary tract!  (Read 8382 times)

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Watermelon seeds for healing the urinary tract!
« on: September 02, 2007, 04:22:49 PM »
I had to check out uses for watermelon seeds after a friend successfully treated a buck goat for urinary calculi by giving him ground watermelon seed as a drench once a day for three days. This  condition in goats is similar to bladder or kidney stones in humans.
There isn't a lot of info out there, but what I found is that watermelon seed, often used to make a tea, is a diuretic and an antispasmodic and generally considered therapeutic for anyone troubled w/ urinary tract problems.
Don't have very many herb books. Would any of you that do own books care to look this one up? It seems to originate in Chinese medicine, but the goat thing came from a NC hillbilly grandma. ;)

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Re: Watermelon seeds for healing the urinary tract!
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2007, 06:15:05 PM »
I found these two bits of information about watermelon seeds and UTI's.  It's always good to be able to add another remedy to the list! :)

In Chinese medicine the seeds are used as a diuretic, and they are also used as a remedy for constipation.

The fruit has a diuretic effect, which is probably related to its citrulline and arginine content, which cause increased synthesis of urea in the liver. The fruit is used by Chinese physicians to build body fluids, moisten the intestines, and decrease thirst. It is helpful to detoxify the body and to remove excess heat. This lessens the incidence of canker sores, kidney and urinary infections, kidney stones, dysentery, and irritability.

The rind has a high silicon content; in Chinese medicine it is used to treat diabetes and hypertension. The rind can be juiced and drunk, or small amounts of the rind can be eaten. The rind also may be rubbed on acne, to help decrease the blemishes with its cold nature.

It should be noted that, according to Chinese medicine, watermelon is to be avoided in those with weak digestion, anemia, asthma, or excessive or uncontrolled urination.

Naturopathic uses of watermelon seed are similar to those utilized by Cayce and Chinese medicine. They are used in children to relieve urinary pain, and to facilitate the passage of urine. It has also been used for backache caused by the passage of kidney stones. They help to soothe the kidneys and the bladder, reducing inflammation. The seeds contain cucurbocitrin, a compound that dilates blood capillaries, which can assist in lowering the blood pressure.

Watermelon seed is helpful for maintaining the health of the urinary tract, and may even be used as a preventative in individuals who show a weakness in the urinary system organs.

Water melon seeds are being used from ancient times in India as a base in many Unani and Ayurvedic preparations. These seeds contain a glucoside called Cucurbotrine. The milk juice of the seeds obtained by grinding and staining them through a muslin cloth is very useful. A spoonful of this juice taken twice a day is very useful in cases of scanty urination, burning micturation and urinary problems.
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Re: Watermelon seeds for healing the urinary tract!
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2007, 09:05:52 PM »
Hi there,

Have any of you found a good source of bulk watermelon seeds?  Poor dh passed a kidney stone yesterday morning, ouch!  :(

I noticed that Bulk Herb Store and More than Alive don't carry them, but I want to make sure the seeds I get are good quality (not irradiated, gas pasteurized, fumigated, etc.)

He doesn't really want me to go buying bunches of fresh watermelons, so I figured I'd ask here before I go 'googling' for bulk watermelon seeds.  ;D 

Thanks in advance!
Becky  :)