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Treatments for Breast Tenderness During Puberty

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I just found this part of welltellme and I have an 8 yo. daughter and her breasts have started hurting her and they are tender all of the time now.  I just receive Supermom so could I give her 1/2 tablet or 1 table for her daily.  She does ok at swallowing things.  I'm anxious for the kids vit.  What else would anyone suggest for the tenderness in her breasts? I'm not sure where to look for the processing of the supermom vit as far as the excess heat process? thanks Lisa

Gabe Rising:
I would not recommend Supermom for an 8 year old... there is Iron in the product, and even though she is probably old enough not to be harmed by the Iron, I would not risk it. Physiology is different form person to person. In any case, it is best to wait until she is having a menstrual cycle. Then she will need the Iron.

As for what to do in this case, I am really not the expert. It is common for girls beginning puberty to have breast tenderness, and I think something like Evening Primrose Oil would probably be a help. Again, I don't know.

Having said all that, this topic (puberty beginning at 8 years old) is probably a good jumping off point for a long thread on the dangers of Soy, the goodness of sunshine, and how to maximize hormonal health benefits for your kids...


PS: here are some good starter articles

This site is a little odd in some places, but the article is interesting:

Great Article, great site:

Sunshine is good!

A few things I disagree with... but, this is one great article on kids health:

There are a million people warning you about skin cancer, and dangers of exposure to the sun... in my opinion (and I have lived at 7,000 feet all my 34 years) once you are used to being in the sun (not just a two week vacation once a year) you have almost nothing to fear. The real negative effects come from being indoors all day.

I would challange anyone to find cases of malignant skin cancer that were caused by the Sun. I believe that most (OK, I believe ALL) malignant skin cancer can be attributed to toxicity, cancer causing chemical exposure, drug therapy, etc. I know I risk political execution for this, but I believe that most malignant skin cancer patients would do better to get MORE sun. Having said all that, I do realize that excessive Sun exposure over many years can cause benign cancers. These are easily removed, and are not dangerous.

[This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. According to the FDA only drugs can do these things... obviously the Sun can not. ;P]

The questions were just starting to come into my head!  :) 
So what are some things you can do to maximize hormonal health for our kids? 
I am reading The Whole Soy Story.  Amazing how corrupt our system is..... 
Do you only eat organic meats?  I have a read a little about the horrible stuff they feel animals to get more out of them and then of course we eat the animals and all the horrible stuff. 


Gabe Rising:
We are moving toward organic meats... but the "Organic" label itself is not really what you need to look for. It is best to find range fed animals that are not fed growth hormones. Usually you basically have to buy a lot and freeze it unless you live in a big city and can shop at a Sunflower Market or similar. Here are some good links:

some of these claiming to be "grass fed" probably do get some Soy hormones, some are actually range fed... either is better than what you get at the grocery:

Here is directory for Raw Milk:

Sometimes you will see a sign along the road that says, "Raw Milk, $4/gallon, Not fit for Human Consumption." This sign means: "You can buy quality raw milk here, its not legal for us to sell it to you as a food product, use it at your own risk."

My opinion of pasturization (raising milk to 163 degrees F and then letting it cool) is that it is a lot better for you than Homogenization... and that if you don't really know your organic milk person, better safe than sorry. There are other things you can do as well (educate yourself first!), like adding colloidal silver to the milk (making your own colloidal silver is cheap and simple... ask me in a new thread), adding a bit of Peroxide to the bottle before you pour the milk in, or (I'm not sure how people do this) exposing the milk to UV which does approximately the same thing as adding Peroxide (we add 1/2 tsp to a gallon jar, roll it so it sort of coats the sides, and pour the milk in...)

Our favorite meat company (New Mexico of course...):


Gabe Rising:
Oh, I forgot what this thread was about.

Let me say one thing about children and early puberty:


Get them outside, in the sun every day! It does not matter if it is overcast or clear skies... they are still getting needed Sun.

I will try to locate my sunshine and healthy kids info...



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