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Re: Improving your vision
« Reply #30 on: June 30, 2010, 07:49:21 PM »
I have never tried this, but I saw this in "The Master Cleanse" book by Stanley Burroughs:

Special formula for eye drops

This formula has been used with most excellent results for many years with absolutely no dangerous side effects when coupled with a change of diet, the reflex work and color therapy. Many cases of glaucoma, cataracts, spots film, and growths of various kinds have completely disappeared. The drops may be applied one at a time to both eyes several times daily. Continue use until the condition is cleared up. Many people have completely overcome the necessity for glasses. In all cases eyes have improved greatly. There are a number of book written on eye exercises; their systems help greatly to bring the sight back to normal. Most people would do well to learn and perform exercises to insure the retention of normal vision.

Formula: 5 parts (measures) distilled water

2 parts best grade of honey

1 part pure apple cider vinegar

(Sterling or other good brand)

Mix together and store in a bottle. It need not be refrigerated as contents will not spoil. If eyes are in good condition, keep them that way by regular use as no harm can ever come by using it. It has a strong smarting effect for a moment, then the eyes clear and feel very good after each use. These drops have proven to be superior to most commercial drops.

I tried this today. It stings like something awful. Then you get sticky around the eye. I am guessing honey holding in the moister. So far My eyes feel more hydrated but funny. I am a bit worried about it causing a sty.

Has anyone else tried this? How did it go for you?

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Re: Improving your vision
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I have a success story using ordinary ground cinnamon! My hubby was reading about the value of cinnamon & at age 61 started taking a tsp. more or less mixed
in his peanut butter sandwich or other creative ideas. About a year later, he took his glasses off while driving at night & said he can see better without his
glasses. He hadn't been to an eye Dr. in 3 yrs so he scheduled a check & the Dr. said his eyes had indeed  improved from 3 yrs earlier & only needs reading glasses.
He used his old glasses for seeing distance but that was no longer an issue. Cinnamon is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal so we are quite happy with the results!