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Okay,so I've posted before about my colicky one month old. I ordered some Colic Calm and tried it. It is a joke! I actually think he's worse now than he was.
But,I've read alot about Catnip and Fennell for colic. But,I don't know how to administer it. I know you can do a tincture,but I was really hoping to have something quicker.
Can I get the capsule form of the herbs and open them up and mix with water?
Anybody know???
I am so ready to find something to give him some relief.
Thanks for any help you can give!

I know you can use the dried herbs and make a tea.  I would weaken the strength by putting ice cubes in the tea to cool it down before putting it in the bottle/sippy or whatever you use.  I would NOT sweeten with honey, however until after the 1st birthday.  Just a little sugar if he will not take it straight.  I know peppermint is soothing also, I am praying that God will give you wisdom to treat this, hang in there and keep looking to Him.

I would also recomend tea in a bottle. We used Chamomile.

You can sweeten tea with pure maple syrup for babies. They don't know it shouldn't taste like maple! ;)



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