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Colds, Flus & Viruses / Re: Outbreaks of diseases: For those who don't vaccinate
« Last post by arrow7 on January 26, 2015, 12:40:18 PM »
I am also very interested in information about naturally caring for someone with measles. Perhaps there is a grandmother out there who's own children had them all those years ago?
Colds, Flus & Viruses / Re: Outbreaks of diseases: For those who don't vaccinate
« Last post by livin4my_lord on January 19, 2015, 02:04:15 PM »
We stopped vaccinating years ago and are constantly told that our children are "behind in their vaccinations" (military hospitals). Now, with outbreaks on the rise of measles, (weren't these folks vaccinated?) ;^}  anyone have tips on healing from measles besides boosting the immune system?
Thank you
Hormones & Endocrine / Seizures and Thyroid function
« Last post by kylesgirl on January 15, 2015, 09:27:58 AM »
I have been struggling with seizures for the past five years. I am 25 now, married and getting ready to start having children. I have not had a seizure in a whole year, and sadly experienced one this morning.
While talking to a friend, I started thinking about how my thyroid function could be causing these episodes. My diet is extremely strict and I have been a vegan for a couple years now. There are things that make my think my thyroid isn't functioning properly and I haven't really thought about it till now.

I tire very easily, and rarely stay up late. The last time I stayed up past midnight, I wound up almost having a seizure, but thankfully was able to prevent it. I get extremely hungry if I don't eat every few hours, and really grumpy if my meals are delayed. I gain weight easily, even with my incredible diet, which seems odd to me. MY mother also has troubles with her thyroid, so I'm very keen on figuring out if helping this will help my epilepsy problems.

So any suggestions on healing my thyroid, boosting its function, and figuring out if this will help me....would be greatly appreciated!
Colds, Flus & Viruses / 3 Year Old With Pneumonia
« Last post by countrygirl-4ever on December 19, 2014, 05:35:12 PM »
My 3 year old son is battling pneumonia. He had a bad cough for about two days. That has lessened, Thank God. He is still running a bit of fever, diarrhea, and wheezing when he breathes. Tonight I have a Amish Pneumonia Salve on his chest, doterra frankincense and lemon on his back, OnGuard, Breathe and Thyme on his feet, as well as an onion garlic poultice which I'm leaving on all night. I will also run Breathe in the diffuser tonight.

Wondering if any other mothers out there have experienced a child with pneumonia and treated it at home? If so what worked for you? It sure isn't fun seeing a LO feeling a bit low! :'(
Colds, Flus & Viruses / Re: what's the cure for epstein barr syndrome?
« Last post by Eglantine on November 09, 2014, 12:30:58 PM »
My husband was tested in February for EBV (Epstein Barr Virus). The test came back that he had the virus presently active in his body AND that he had had it in the past. He has not had mononucleosis as far as he remembers. I've known him since we were 7 and I have no recollection of him having it either! We've been trying to build his immune system since we found out in Feb. but we just don't seem to be gaining any ground. His symptoms are getting worse...tingling in his legs and feet along with a weak, sluggish feeling in his legs. Cold hands and feet...well, lots of other things too. Generally, he is exhausted and has lost weight - some fat but primarily muscle. 
He now has increased weakness in his legs, particularly on the front of his legs, right above the knees.

When his symptoms increased so rapidly in Feb., he went for a lot of testing. Blood work every week for weeks, an MRI to determine if he had lesions on his brain (trying to rule out MS- no lesions visible), ultrasound, and x-ray. The last two were because he has a lump on the inside of his jawline about the size of an unhulled walnut. The diagnosis on the lump was lipoma - fatty tumor. We still question that because it is an odd place for a lipoma from the reading I've done.

He is weak, tired, and feels like he is wasting away. He's only 46. He's been taking olive leaf for months, a quart of red clover tea every day, another quart of pau d'arco tea - both left to steep overnight to extract as much as possible. He eats bee pollen every day and has begun eating a handful of apricot seeds too. With EBV comes the possibility of lymphoma.

I could really use your thoughts and experience here. We no longer have insurance although God provided for that just while we were doing all that testing and then it ended. His Lyme test came back negative by the way.

There is so much more but I have limited time right now and really want to get this out there. Thank you!

Vitamins & Supplements / Re: Cod Liver Oil Is Yucky
« Last post by steadygirl on November 07, 2014, 03:51:46 PM »
Try taking it at night and see if that helps.
Vitamins & Supplements / Re: Cod Liver Oil Is Yucky
« Last post by healthybratt on October 06, 2014, 03:17:49 AM »
I would try a different brand, flavor or gelcaps.  Or maybe follow up with something acidic (lemon, vinegar, coffee, etc.).
Vitamins & Supplements / Cod Liver Oil Is Yucky
« Last post by floridapets on October 05, 2014, 03:50:23 PM »
   My family is now taking a teaspoon of cod liver oil during breakfast. No big deal, except I notice a fishy/metallic flavor on my tongue for the rest of the day.   I commented about my tongue during dinner and our daughter agreed.
   Our CLO is orange "flavor" and smells very orangey.  However, it tastes like CLO.  Does anyone know what we can do/drink/eat to get the "taste" off of our tongue?  Or, is there a preferred brand?  We need to continue this supplement and I would like it to be a better experience for our family. 
Pregnancy / Re: Pregnant and Low Platelets
« Last post by Greengold on September 29, 2014, 12:11:21 PM »

Just wanted to add this info that I found about Burdock, which looks like it's in the product Sinus Support.

"Burdock has antiplatelet effects." from this website:

Hope this helps someone as it did me!
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