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: Electro-dermal testing
: EverLearning April 12, 2007, 12:12:58 PM
I have made an appointment with an herbologist who uses electro-dermal testing.  It sounds spooky to me, but I am going based on the advice of a Christian lady whom I trust.  She says it is a basic medical procedure, such as that used for an EKG, etc.  Has anyone researched this?  I don't want to get into anything new age or satanic in any form. 

: Re: Electro-dermal testing
: likemanywaters June 07, 2007, 03:20:05 PM
Just curious. What is it for? Did you have it done? Did you ever find out anything more about it?
: Re: Electro-dermal testing
: mauimom June 07, 2007, 03:42:12 PM
We have had electro dermal testing done and it has kept my Graves disease under control and drug free for 15 years now.  We got started with it in the 80's when my dad was dying.  He knew something was wrong with him but didn't know what.  He went to 17 doctors who all told him it was in his head, gave him valium and sent him home.  As a last resort, my mom took him to this doctor who did elecro dermal testing and it turned out he had heavy metal poisoning.  He had cadmium poisoning that he got from work.  Back then doctors didn't test for heavy metal poising and IMO this testing saved my dad's life, and of course the Lord. 
So when I started with thyroid problems we decided to go to my dad's doctor.
We have not had any problems with it being new age.  I think it depends a lot on the doctor.  He was not new age at all.  He explained it all very clearly and we were able to understand how it works.  It really is very fascinating how it works.
: Re: Electro-dermal testing
: EverLearning June 09, 2007, 09:17:25 AM
Yes, I did have the testing done and when the lady explained how it all works, I was relieved that there was nothing spooky about it at all.  It is simply a reading of the molecular energy of your body and of the supplements that might meet your needs.  I am sold on the simplicity and effectiveness. 

www.biomeridian.com (http://www.biomeridian.com) has quite a bit of info including a short videoclip that explains the process further. 

Some benefits I noticed:
The machine can help you decide which supplements your body can process.  Many of the vitamins I was taking were actually stressing my body, rather than helping it.  It also shows which areas of your body are beginning to degenerate or are stressed so that you can build them up BEFORE symptoms or disease show up.  Pretty smart, IMO.

Anyway, my ever-skeptical husband has been recommending it to those who complain of not feeling well or can't seem to get the right kind of help from their doctors. 

I posted awhile back on how I was so exhausted and couldn't seem to lose weight and had a real problem with brainfog.  Although my main purpose in going was to help with my baby's reoccuring thrush problem, she was able to tell by my "numbers" (the recording of the machine from my pressure points) that I had all of these problems without me telling her.  I am now taking supplements to help with metal toxicity, inflammation and leaky gut.  I am definitely improving all of the time. 
It is expensive, but well worth it. 

: Re: Electro-dermal testing
: mauimom June 09, 2007, 11:04:45 AM
I'm so glad you are seeing results.  It is such a blessing and a relief when you can finally get some help.   We are the same way as your husband.  We tell everyone who will listen to us about the testing.  Although we so run into those skeptical people. :)  Our doctor was able to tell us stuff that we knew to be true but had not told him.  Simply amazing!!!
Will pray you continue to see good results.