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: Charcoal Intake?
: Faith Grubb January 27, 2013, 10:30:39 AM
I'm new here at Well Tell Me :)
I am daily taking 1 to 2 Tblspns activated charcoal from Shoshanna's BHS (so its good) but is that too much?  I am taking it to help with my bad breath and gut problems.  I am not using capsules, just taking in a juice or loose with a couple teaspoons of water to make a mat.  It has worked as far as cleaning out junk, my stools stink double to potency of my bad breath and of course are black.   I have been taking it for about few days like this.  But is there any danger in me taking this amount ?   :-\
: Re: Charcoal Intake?
: IowaDove January 28, 2013, 05:58:57 AM
My understanding is charcoal is harmless and you cannot overdose on it. It can however constipate you if you are not drinking enough water or taking enough fiber. I'm glad it seems to be working for you as I have never heard of using it for bad breath...If you haven't already, you should look into a good probiotic to aid in your gut issues as well. Beeyoutiful has some good ones, and I've also read on here that the Primal Defense brand has been really good for people with smelliness-but I have never tried it. Another thought I have is you could look into liquid chlorophyll as it is a good ''internal deodorizer'' and may help with smell issues. We have been taking it-especially for my little boy and I think it is helping. Beeyoutiful has a good mint flavored one that isn't too bad tasting. I'm not sure how much you already know, but for bad breath it really helps to get off of normal toothpaste (even healthy brands) and make your own. We use bentonite clay, walnut powder, cloves, sea salt, cayenne, and peppermint. It is great stuff! HTH and welcome aboard!  :)
: Re: Charcoal Intake?
: Faith Grubb January 28, 2013, 12:34:44 PM
Thanks!  Ya, we make our own toothpaste, the cloves and bentonite clay (I love it by the way :) ).  And I've tried the mint liquid chlorophyll but it never really fixed it just masked the stink and we make our own 'rotten yougurt' as we dubbed it and 'pear wine' and fermented things, to get the probiotics  (used to do acidophilus) and kefir.  I just still have it, but I don't have the bad cheese-like pieces that came up my throat anymore, so I've almost ended the problem!!
: Re: Charcoal Intake?
: DHW January 28, 2013, 02:45:43 PM
Bad breath can be due to dental problems or sinus problems, too.

: Re: Charcoal Intake?
: boysmama January 31, 2013, 09:56:02 AM
Charcoal safety is less about the dose (although a large dose with insufficient water and fiber can cause constipation) than it is about longterm usage. Charcoal not only sucks up and binds toxins, it can also take up minerals, vitamins, and other necessary nutrient and functional goodies from your digestive track. You definitely want to use if for a specified short amount of time with large breaks between rounds of "charcoal cleansing." Hope that helps!