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: Has anyone tried 'Women's Only Tincture' from bulkherbstore.com?
: mamajen2four March 07, 2012, 04:02:44 PM
Wondering if anyone else has made and used the tinctures from this kit offered by bulkherbstore.com.  I love all of the herbal mixtures I've bought from there over the years, and this kit seemed like a good choice for me, given my extremely heavy period and violent moods during PMS.
I had really amazing results the first month I used the alcohol tinctures I made.  But it's back to 'normal' (for me, anyway) this month.  I would really like to have some opinions from other women who have tried these herbs.
~longtime lurker (this is my first post)
: Re: Has anyone tried 'Women's Only Tincture' from bulkherbstore.com?
: MyTwoCents March 08, 2012, 03:44:31 AM
My sister in law used it and it did nothing for her, but she also used glycerine instead of vodka and maybe it wasn't made strong enough. Not sure, I have always liked what I got from there so maybe you'll have to try it. If you live in MB Canada, you can have some of mine. We made an order together cause my one other SIL wanted to try it, but she changed her mind so I decided to keep it and use it once I need it again which won't be for another year or two. I was pregnant at the time and nursing now, but when I have my mothly again I'm sure I'll need it or need something.
: Re: Has anyone tried 'Women's Only Tincture' from bulkherbstore.com?
: mamajen2four March 13, 2012, 07:49:27 AM
thanks 'Two Cents' for your two cents!  lol
bumping this post to get some more feedback...
: Re: Has anyone tried 'Women's Only Tincture' from bulkherbstore.com?
: ladyhen March 13, 2012, 10:45:01 AM
I looked up the tincture kit that you're asking about. 
Those are some good herbs for women's health problems.  I've used tinctures with similar ingredients with great results.  I hope that you will continue to use these herb mixes and that your problems will be healed. 

A couple of thoughts;

Chasteberry in particular takes a couple of months to really be effective.  It is a powerful and effective herb for balancing hormones.   Try taking the tinctures for a couple of months, using recommended dosages.

Many times when someone is using herbal treatments they are expecting the type of results you get with pharmaceuticals -- 'I have a headache and take an aspirin; headache goes away.'  Herbs can take some time to work due to the way they act in your body.  They adjust imbalances and act gradually on nutrient deficiencies.  Rather than stopping symptoms, herbs can often heal you.

Another thought is regarding the use of glycerine or teas rather than alcohol to extract medicinal properties.  Tea or glycerites can be of some use, but alcohol has been proven to be the most effective in extracting the full properties of an herb.   For best results, use a high proof (percentage of alcohol) vodka. 
The website states that you leave the herbs in the alcohol for 2 - 6 weeks.  Most herbalists recommend a minimum of 4 weeks for tinctures and you can leave the herbs in the tincture much longer and use the liquid as needed.  Some of mine have been in jars for over 10 years and are still very potent, effective medicine.  Alcohol preserves and it never goes bad.

hope that helps! ~c

: Re: Has anyone tried 'Women's Only Tincture' from bulkherbstore.com?
: BigMeanMamma March 31, 2012, 11:01:27 AM
Hi mamajen,

I'm mostly a "lurker" too. The women only tincture looks good and I'm about to order it. Just thought I'd check WTM for advice first. Please keep us posted on how it works for you. I will do the same but it will be a while since it takes a few weeks to brew it.

: Re: Has anyone tried 'Women's Only Tincture' from bulkherbstore.com?
: mamajen2four April 06, 2012, 08:31:19 AM
so thanks ladies, for your advice and encouragement.  I really appreciate what Ladyhen said about the herbs taking a while to do the job...as opposed to pharmaceuticals that mostly work within an hour or so.  In the past month I have continued to take both the pre-two and pre-one tinctures that I made, although I ran out of pre-two and currently have more brewing in my pantry.  Should be ready in another week.  I still have not had the same amazing results as I did that first time (late January/early Feb) taking these herbs, but I have noticed that my anemia symptoms during my period have been less intense, and it seems that I am inching toward a 27-28 day cycle instead of my usual 21-22 days.
I'll take whatever benefit I can!  If there are any more of you out there with an opinion on these herbs, don't hold back!